Tamil Nadu Wildlife Information

Tamil Nadu proved to be a place of residence for many endangered species and also fostered them in their favorable freeway. Wildlife tourism in Tamil Nadu plays an important role in saving the pulsating lives of some of the fauna that is moving towards extinction. Tamilnadu Wildlife welcomes you to enjoy your time with some friendly, fun-making animals as well as frightening, ferocious families and some tetrapod vertebras with and without limbs. Bird sanctuaries and wildlife gardens provide a quiet and calming environment for both species and tourists. Famous gardens like Mayura Thottam, where peacocks perform dances, and bird sanctuaries like Koonthankulam and Kanjirankulam provide diverse bird species in picturesque surroundings. Tiger reserves like Kalakad and Sathyamangalam show feary, fire-eyed tigers amid lush greeneries. Varieties of several water creatures are found at the Kalakad Reserve. Treks through thick forests are a soul-chilling experience for nature lovers. This adventure break helps in rejuvenating oneself to live in the fast lane, enjoying the realm of wildlife beyond concrete and glass, where every whisper turns into a wonder.