Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary - Tamilnadu

Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary is a wonderful place to offer a unique and rewarding experience for bird lovers, nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary

Home to many bird species, it makes it a paradise for bird watchers. The sanctuary provides a safe residence and migratory birds and attracts thousands of visitors each year. One of the prominent features of Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary is the arrival of migratory birds in winter.

The sight of flocks of migratory birds soaring gracefully in the sky is truly mesmerizing. The beautiful scenery creates a relaxing environment that allows visitors to connect with nature on a deeper level. Explore the paths and valleys of the borders that gives visitors the opportunity to rest in peace and discover the beauty of your surroundings. The border also has a boat station where tourists can take a boat tour on the water while enjoying the scenery.

How to reach Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary?

Nearest airport to Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary is Trichy airport. Drive from Trichy airport to the Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary covers about 65 km.