Nellai Wildlife Sanctuary - Tamilnadu

Nellai Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautiful place known for its animal and plant diversity, stunning sceneries and peaceful environment.

Nellai Wildlife Sanctuary

Offering a unique and valuable experience for nature and wildlife enthusiasts, this region is covered with lush greenery, streams, cascading waterfalls and rolling hills form an enchanting backdrop that will captivate you.

It provides habitat for many endangered and endemic species. Bird watchers will also appreciate the unique diversity of birds, with over 150 species recorded here. Exploring the reserve and trail allows visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature while admiring the beautiful landscapes.

Nellai Wildlife Sanctuary offers a variety of ecotourism activities that allows visitors to engage in a responsible connection with nature while contributing to conservation. Visiting this sanctuary will give an opportunity to explore various nearby reserves while learning about animals and plants from knowledgeable guides.

How to reach Nellai Wildlife Sanctuary?

Nearest airport to Nellai Wildlife Sanctuary is Madurai airport. Drive from Madurai airport to Nellai Wildlife Sanctuary covers about 200 km.