“Thanjavur the land of temples and lush greens.”

Welcome to the land of Cholas- Thanjavur a town preserves history in the present. Thanjavur (formerly Tanjore) The city was ruled by many, but flourished under the Chola Empire and Tanjore was for a time the headquarters of the Chola Dynasty.

“Thanjavur the land of temples and lush greens.”

Tanjore is one of the major tourist attractions in Tamilnadu. This divine land holds the world famous “Brahadeeswarar temple” widely known as the “ Tanjore Big temple”. There are lots of amazing places to visit in Tanjore, which are rich in history and have a glorious past. The name Tanjore is driven from the lore of a legendary Asura of Hindu Mythology named “ Tanjan”.

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