The city of silks

Chengalpattu often referred to as the ‘Gateway of Chennai’. Located 56 km away from the state capital. A land that was famous for ‘chenkazhuneer poo’  a type of lily found in this region, well known for its old heritage, culture, natural beauty and ancient temples, is now a growing city that enables people to work and live.

Chengalpattu City Guide - Tamilnadu

If you plan to relax or go on a picnic beside a lake, then Kovalai Lake is the best place. It offers a spectacular views with a shimmering water body surrounded by lush green plants. The history of this place is that it was an erstwhile base of the Vijayanagar Kings and the French in India. Being a  hub for commercial activities, the area once a witnessed many commercial undertakings including cotton & silk weaving, a salt manufacturing unit, a cigar factory, tanneries, indigo dyeing and so on.


Have you ever heard of a man-made lake? There’s Madurantakam Lake located near Chengalpattu. It is an artificial lake popular for picnic spot and a great place to relax amidst nature. The lake is also offers boating facilities. It is also an important water source for nearby agricultural activities.

Can you believe if I say that you can witness the culture, art, heritage and lifestyle of south Indians under a single roof? It is possible if you visit Dhakshinachitra located near Chengalpattu – a heritage village where the lifestyle of South Indians are exhibited according to their states, through the architecture, based on the region and the manner in which they live and habits of the people.

Muttukadu is another backwater located around 30 kilometres from Chengalpattu. It offers enjoyments like boating, kayaking, and windsurfing. This place also has a crocodile park where one can witness various species of crocodiles.

Don’t miss to visit the most renowned town – Mahabalipram that has beautiful beaches where visitors can relax and enjoy the scenic beauty. And also very famous for its ancient rock-cut temples and sculptures that comes under UNESCO World Heritage Site

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