Mayura Thottam - Tamilnadu

Mayura Thottam is a beautiful place that offers a unique and valuable experience for enthusiasts and wildlife enthusiasts. Covering an area of ​​60 square kilometers, the border is known for its diversity and fauna and stunning sceneries.

Mayura Thottam

One of the highlights of Mayura Thottam Wildlife Sanctuary is its bird diversity. More than 100 bird species have been recorded in the reserve, including native birds and migratory birds that visit in winter. Bird watchers can enjoy their passion as they discover ways to preserve and observe these beautiful animals in their natural habitat. This place also has a stunning natural beauty and picturesque scenery that will surely enthral visitors. The area is covered with trees, mountains, streams and quiet lakes, creating a peaceful and beautiful environment. Explore the possibilities of the trail and scenery that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and experience peace and tranquility.

How to reach Mayura Thottam?

Thoothukudi airport is the nearest to reach Mayura Thottam. Drive from Thoothukudi airport to Mayura Thottam covers about 30 km.