Guindy Snake Park - Tamilnadu

Home to India’s first public zoo, Chennai also houses the Guindy Snake Park. It is the country’s 8th smallest park and was set up in 1972. The Guindy Snake Park is also India’s first reptile park. Situated in Guindy of Chennai, the Guindy Snake Park is home to an exotic variety of reptiles like vipers, cobras, pythons and other such reptiles.


The Guindy Snake Park is a popular park and is a favorite among tourists. It houses an exquisite variety of reptiles especially snakes. It is housed inside the Guindy National Park along with the Children’s park.

Hence, a lot of visitors here include children. The park itself is filled with a vibrant variety of flora and fauna. There is a huge aquarium that houses sea snakes and turtles. The huge model of a T-rex is placed in front of the park and is an attraction among the kids.

There are over 34 reptile species on display in the park and includes varieties of crocodile, snakes, lizards and turtles.

Places to Visit :

The Guindy National Park, the Anna Centenary library and Elliot’s beach.

Things To Do:

  • Bring water as it tends to get hot during your tour of the park
  • Make sure you have your camera as there are a lot of places and exhibits which you can take a snap of
  • Bring sunscreen and a hat for the heat.
  • Do not try touching the exhibits
  • Make sure you have a med-kit in case of emergencies
  • Listen to the instructions given in the park by the guide and abide accordingly.