Are you a great admirer of culture and heritage? Here’s Ariyalur that welcome you with a red carpet! Being the heart of the Tamil Nadu, This district houses many historical monuments, helps in sustaining the prosperity of the beings, serves as a birth place of natural minerals that aids to the cement industries and above all that, it remains as a well-nourished land as it is line by Vellar River in north and the Kollidam River in the south.

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Ariayalur district in Central Tamilnadu offers a rare blend of historical monuments and a slice of flourishing life, thanks to the natural mineral deposits and its status as the hub of a thriving cement industry. An inland district without a coastline, the district is lined by Vellar River in the North and Kollidam River in the South.

For a fervent follower of the culture and heritage, Ariyalur never fails to impress. It is dotted with marvelous monuments and temples which flaunt the greatness of architecture and rich history that goes back to centuries. Ariyalur houses monuments and temples of architectural splendor, beautiful sculptures and countless tales that date back to the yore.

Soak up the sheer beauty of temple architecture at Gangaikondacholisvarar temple in Gangaikondacholapuram, the biggest temple constructed during the reign of Rajendra–I in Ariyalur region. The place retells glorious tales of the past through the preserved war trophies and galleries of art and architecture. It also has the distinction of being declared as a UNESCO world heritage monument.

Head to the Soundaresvarar temple at Kamarasavalli built during the period of Sundra Chola in 962 AD. A treasure trove of riveting myths and lore, this temple preserves more than forty inscriptions of Chola, Pandya and Hoysala periods. You also get to capture the beauty of bronze images and sculptures at this temple. Vikkiramangalam village is famous for the beautiful Jain and Buddha sculptures of Chola period. The Siva temple dates back to the reign of Rajendra Chola - 1.

If you are a nature lover, explore the Karaivetti Birds Sanctuary. One of the largest irrigation tanks in the state, it also records the largest flock of water birds and one of the premium visitors to this sanctuary is the endangered Bar Headed Goose. Do visit the famous pilgrim centre in the district; Elakurichi. This place abounds in legends about Constantine Beschi (popularly known as Virama Munivar) who came from Italy to Ariyalur region and spread Chirstianity between A.D. 1710 to 1742. The centre also houses an inscription engraved on a stone slab written in A.D. 1763.

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