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Tamilnadu Traditions

Kolam and Benefits

Every morning, in most parts of India, an almost identical ritual will take place. Housewives will sweep the entrances of their home and sprinkle it with some water. They will then decorate their home entrance with a kolam.

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Pathayathira’s main aim is to bring equality among the devotees. It is the devotees belief that, within consecutive three years of Pathayathira their wish would come alive.

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More than any other offering Kavadi is considered to be the most auspicious and painstaking offering done to Lord Muruga. There are many types of Kavadis, Pookavadi, Vel Kavadi, Paravaikavadi, and many more.

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Tonsuring & Ear piercing

Ear piercing and tonsuring is done to new born babies as a tribute to God for blessing the couples with such a lovely child. This ceremony is mostly conducted in temples.

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Traditional Games

Games are not only played solely for entertainment, but to sharpen our aptitude knowledge. Through traditional games children learn many things including team spirit, unity, leadership, exercise and swiftness

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