Sivagangai is a simple and a peaceful area with many religious sites, forts, grand palaces, beautiful fields and many other wonderful things. There are about 521 villages in Sivagangai District. The city ranks 26th in terms of population size and population density, making it the largest city per square meter. Km.

“Sivagangai the city that holds on to the Dravidian culture and tradition”

Sivagangai is a serene district with lots of religious places, forts, colossal palaces, lovely fields and lots more amazing things. Sivagangai is one among the ancient cities in Tamilnadu. This district is not tinted with modernism or fashion. Once you enter the district you can witness for yourself the calm streets, hoary temples, antique shops, and greenish paddy fields. Sivangai has now become a prominent tourist destination because of the cettiyar towns like Karaikudi, and Kanadukathan. These towns are filled with Chettiyar houses, which are known for their colossal structure and well planned architecture. -Take a trip to this antique district and explore its treasures.

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