Tirupur is a bustling business center with many options for tourists. Tirupur has something for everyone, with lakes, rock carvings, historical temples and wildlife sanctuaries. You just need to plan your trip and check them all out.


Start exploring Tirupur's green roads. Head to the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, Admire the majestic view of this place. Keep your eyes and ears open for surprises and It is home to elephants, cows, tigers, panthers, sloth bears, deer, wild bears, wild dogs, hedgehogs, flying squirrels, jackals, pangolins, civets, and other wild animals, as well as birds such as racquet-tailed goose, long-bearded nightingale, blackhead Oriole.This reserve covers an area of ​​958 square kilometers with beautiful streams, rivers, forests, green mountains and more.

Amaravati Crocodile Farm is a must see. It has the largest wild crocodile population in South India. Launched at the Amaravati Reservoir, the project aims to breed broad-nosed crocodiles in captivity. The reservoir is full of crocodiles, large and small, they are calmly opening their mouths and jumping fast, a sight you should not miss.

Enjoy a boat ride and relax at the ruins of Thirumurti Dam. From here you can explore the most remote areas known for their natural beauty. Head to Udumalpet to enjoy the beauty of blooming flowers, coconut and rice fields. History buffs will be disappointed if you come across stone carvings at Tirumurugan Poondi.

The beautiful location of the temples adds to their charm. Arulmigu Subramanyaswamy Temple in Sivanmalai, Arulmigu Uthukuli Murugan Temple, Arulmigu Avinashi Lingeswarar Temple, and Thirumuruganpoondi Temples are some of the famous temples and tourist attractions in Tirupur.

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