Popular Water Falls in Tamil Nadu

If you are a person who is busy as a beaver and want to take a break, here is a way. The breath-taking spectacular waterfalls of Tamil Nadu welcome you with beautiful scenery and a picturesque ambiance, owing you the perfect surroundings for vacations and holidays. Drizzling waters give you a pleasant feeling as nature drops down her blue satin blanket with pearly water drops swishing over the rocks joyfully. Some waterfalls play hide and seek behind the acres of farms, and some can take you on a walk through thick forests and amaze you with their beautiful scenery and lovely meadows. Numerous well-known waterfalls, such as Catherine Falls, offer exhilarating and daring experiences, while Panangudi Falls adds some spice with its rock climbing, rope climbing, and camping options. Beautiful photo opportunities are offered by the crystal falls, making for treasured memories. And you must pay a visit to the Courtallam Falls, "Spa of South India," where the water has many medicinal properties as it runs through the dense forest of herbs before rolling down the rocks. Come and visit at once and return with adorable soul-swelling sparkles, which make you want to come again.