Banatheertham Falls - Tamilnadu

Banatheertham Falls

Banatheertham waterfalls is an amazing silver cascade, which is located inside the Karaiyar dam of Tirunelveli district. This natural waterfall is a part of Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger reserves.
The legend has it that, Sage Agasthiyar dwelled here and collected lots of herbs from this part of forest to make many incredible medicines.
Banatheertham is known for its pure water and medicinal property. The water from here is believed to have healing powers and is revered greatly. This fall is perfect for having a herbal bath.
The speciality of this waterfalls is the mind-blowing ambiance, which will sweep us at the first sight. Adding to the beauty of the falls is the Karaiyar dam, which offers a splendid view of the mountains and reserve area. The falls fame reached the pinnacle after the super hit song “chinna chinna aasai” from the film “Roja”which was shot here. From then the falls was named as “Roja falls”.
The natural beauty of this waterfalls makes this place perfect for natural photography and trekking. Tourists can enjoy boat ride in the Karaiyar dam and relish the sublime beauty of the mountains surrounded by. Unlike Kutrallam this waterfall is not known to many and so is less crowded. This make this place very special, as we can enjoy some peaceful time devoid of any hustle bustle,
Best time to visit
Best time to visit this fall is between the months of December to January, as during these times, the climate is very pleasant, and the ambiance is very adorable. This fall is open to the public from 6 am to 6 pm and some minimal fare is collected from the tourist to visit this amazing waterfall.

How to reach Banatheertham Falls?

Banatheertham falls is located at the distance of 15kms from the Papanasam city in Tirunelveli district. Banatheertham falls is also known as vanatheertham falls, this fall can be easily reached from Papanasam to Karaiyar dam road.