Courtallam Waterfalls - Tamilnadu

Courtallam Waterfalls

Are you looking for waterfalls with miraculous water that can cure all your body ailments and make your body rejuvenated, then Courtallam is your destination. This famous falls is the summer retreat for Tamilnadu people.
This falls ranks first in attracting lots of tourists every year. This lovely waterfall is what one need to heed to escape from the scorching sun. The Courtallam falls is a combination of nine waterfalls, each differs in size, volume of water, height and water current. These falls are considered to be natural spa, which could remove all your body pains. The river sources of thess falls are River Chittra, Manimutharu, Pachaiyar and Tamirabarani which cascades over 60m-92 m. The bitter part of this falls is, during season time, it will be over crowed and thronged with people.
The nine waterfalls at Courtallam are as follows Main Falls (Peraruvi), Small Falls (Chittaruvi), Chembakadevi (Shenbaga) Falls, Honey Falls (Thenaruvi), Five Falls (Aintharuvi), Tiger Falls (Puliaruvi), Old Courtallam Falls (Pazhaya Courtallam), New Falls (Puthu Aruvi), Fruit Garden Falls or Orchard Falls (Pazhathotta Arvui).

Other tourist’s destination:

Apart from these falls, this place is famous for Tirukuttralanathar Swamy temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and another Murugan temple. People after taking bath in these falls visit these temples and seek the blessing of the Almighty. The temple has inscriptions about Chola and Pandya Kings. Chitra Sabhai nearby exhibits paintings from the Puranas and is believed to be one among the five Sabhas where Lord Nataraja is said to have performed his cosmic dance.
Nearby this falls, there are lots of massaging centres; people mainly come to this falls for relaxation and to get rid of their body pains. Traditional way of massaging is given here.

Main falls:

As the name itself suggests Main falls is the major attraction among the nine falls. It is the largest falls among the nine falls, cascading from the height of 60 m. The water here is believed to have many medicinal powers as it comes from dense ayurvedic herb forest. This is the only falls that has water even in off season.

Small falls:

This falls is situated just above the main falls and known as Chittaruvi by the locals. This falls can be reached by the flights of steps from the main falls. There are provisions for men and women to bath separately.

Shenbaga falls:

Shenbaga falls is situated among a lovely ambiance; it can be reached by an hour uphill trekking from Main falls. Near to this falls is the Shenbagadevi temple, famous on full moon days. On certain auspicious full moon day, lots of pilgrims throng at this temple.

Honey falls:

Just at a 4km distance from Main falls is the Honey falls. This falls is considered to be the most beautiful falls with enchanting panoramic view. This horse shoe shaped falls, has water falling vertically from all three sides, and so it is not suggested for all, as it may be dangerous to take bath. The trek to this falls is also quite challenging.

Tiger falls:

Tiger falls is one of the safest falls and is best place to take children. This small falls is located at the distance of 2 km from Courtallam bus stand. Adjacent to this falls is the Sastha temple, which is a pilgrimage spot for Iyyappan devotees.

Five falls:

This enchanting falls attracts millions of tourist every year. This falls is separated into five sections and water cascades from all the five in an amazing amount. Among these five falls three is for men to use and two for women. It is small belief among the locals that the five partition of this falls denotes the five heads of hooded cobra. Near to this falls are many fruit stalls that sell forest fruits such as lichees, eggfruit, and mangosteen.

Old falls:

This falls is situated at the distance of 10 km from the centre of the town, beside the road to Tenkasi. This falls is 200 ft high and has step cut out in the rock to break its free fall. Provisions are there for men and women to bath separately. This falls is less crowded when compared to other falls.
The other important falls at Courtallam are Fruit Garden or Orchard Falls (Pazhathotta Aruvi); and New Falls (Puthu Aruvi), and then there is the Agasthiyar falls.