Monkey Waterfalls - Tamilnadu

Monkey Waterfalls

On the way to Pollachi, stop at this spectacular waterfalls and start your trip after taking a refreshing bath. Monkey falls is situated in the uphill Ghat road Valparai on the Pollachi-Valparai road in the Anaimalai Hills range, in Coimbatore district.
This falls can be reached by trekking through serene evergreen forests filled with rocky boulders. As this falls is an offbeat destination, better take a local people to guide you through the dense pathway. There are regular trekking classes conducted at this falls during certain seasons. This falls is not over crowded, so it can be visited during any season.

Monkey Waterfalls Tourist information:

Visitors are collected a minimal amount by the government of Tamilnadu to enter this falls. The falls got its name because of uncontrollable mass of monkeys living here. So be careful with your backpacks and snacks.

Places nearby Monkey Waterfalls:

After taking a refreshing bath in Monkey falls, you can visit nearby places including Pollachi, Top slip, Anaimalai reserve forest, and Coimbatore. Pollachi is nearer to this falls, the lovely greens of Pollachi is a great sight to behold. This small town is worth exploring and taking rest. This place is filled with acres of coconut farms, fresh water bodies, lovely meadows and perfect ambiance.
Top slip is yet another fascinating destination near Monkey falls. It is a perfect place to spend ones vacations with their loved ones and family. The enchanting climate and environment of Top slip will make everyone fall for it. This place attracts more tourist and is one among the famous tourist destinations in Tamilnadu. Make a visit to these lovely places and enjoy your stay.

How to Reach Monkey Waterfalls :

Monkey Falls is about 30 km from Pollachi. Refreshing Natural Water Falls about 6 km from Azhiyar dam. There are very rare buses to this falls, so it is best to hire a taxi to reach this falls.