Dumukurallu Water Falls - Vellore - Tamilnadu

Popularly known as Kaigai Falls, Dumukurallu Waterfalls is at a distance of 95kms and is a must see tourist destination during your trip to Vellore. Amidst lush green surroundings, exotic birds and dense shrubs, the Dumukurallu water falls is a scenic place, a nature lover should never afford to miss it.
Located in the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary, the Dumukuralla water falls is in a tranquil atmosphere where there is a medley of nature in its complete essence. The perennial water comes from the rock above the hill and the flow is very heavy during the rainy seasons. Dumukarulla means resembling the sound of stones falling from above.
Nearest places to Visit :
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Best Time To Visit :
Between September and December, it is ideal to visit the Water falls.

Dumukurallu Water Falls - Vellore

How to reach Silver Cascade?

By Air - Airport nearest to Dumukurallu falls is Bangalore, from where you have to travel covering a distance of 140kms.
By Rail - The nearest railhead is at Madanapalli which is at a distance of 27km from Dumukurallu water falls.
By Road - You can get down exactly near the waterfalls if you take bus on the Palamaner-Kuppam highway.