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People of Tanjore celebrate every festival in great manner. As the people of Tanjore are mostly artist and musicians, they commemorate musical festivals in a great manner.

Natyanjali Dance Festival:

Natayanjali dance festival is dedicated to lord shiva “the cosmic dancer”. This festival take place during the mahashivarathiri.

Natyanjali dance festival is celebrated in a grand manner in Tanjore Big temple. One this eve dancers and musician from various parts of Tamilnadu throng at Brahadeeswarar temple of Tanjore. It is a great sight to behold the group dance of Bharathanatiyam dancers.

Classic Musical Festival:

Dancers and Singers from all over India participate in this ‘Margazhi Festival of Dance and Music’ to exhibit their talents and to hail their traditional art. This festival falls in the month of mid-December. It is a feast to our eyes and ears to see artist’s excellent performance on the stage.

Pongal – Festivals:

Pongal is the famer’s festival, which is celebrated in a grand manner at Tanjore. On this day people worship Sun god for his blessings.

Like rest of Tamilnadu Pongal is commemorated in a great manner at Tanjore. On this auspicious day people cook sweet pudding called Pongal and offer it to Sun lord and farm animals who are responsible for the production in the fields.

Christmas- Festival:

Christmas is celebrated in a grand manner at Tanjore. On this day people visit the church and exchange sweets and gifts.

Christmas is also celebrated in a great manner at Tanjore. People adore their houses with colorful stars irrespective of religion. On this eve they share sweet and happiness among their family and friends.

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