Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu

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Thanjavur is popularly known as the Delta area and the Rice Bowl of Tamilnadu.

Tanjore palace:

This palace was the residence of Nayaks and Marathas. The architecture of the palace is truly amazing

Tanjavur Palace is known for its fine masonry, there are two Dubar halls designed with exemplary art work. The palace comprises of temples, fountains and parks. There is also palace watch tower, the armoury tower and grand museum.

Saraswathy library mahal

This library is one of the oldest libraries in Asia. The collection has about 60,000 volumes and few of them are on display.

The rare palm manuscripts written many eons back in various language including Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, English and many more languages can be seen here.

This library was created for the use of Royal people of Nayaks who ruled Tanjore in the year 1535 – 1675 AD. Later this library was developed by Maratha rulers. Maharaj Serfoji done a great contribution to this library and so to honour him the library name has been changed to “The Thanjavur Maharaja Serfoji’s Saraswati Mahal Library”.

Brahadeeswarar temple:

Brahadeeswarar temple is an icon of Tanjore city. This temple is dedicated to lord shiva

Brahadeeswarar temple is widely known as the Tanjore Big temple. This temple is a standing exemplar of the peerless architectural knowledge of Cholas. This colossal temple was built by the great king Raja Raja Cholan (985-1012). The Mani sanctum is erected to the height of 15 mts with the grand vimanah which is carved out from a single rock. It is an architectural marvel that the shadow of the tower never falls on the ground.

Sangeetha Mahal

Sangeetha mahal is a perfect place to study and observe music. This mahal was built by Raja Serfoji.

Sangeetha mahal or the Hall of Music is a grand palace specially built to exhibit the musical wonders. This music hall was built by Raja Serfoji in the year 1779 AD. Raja Serfoji had a great interest in music and he built this mahal as a token of love to the Spanish Missionary Rev CV Schwart, who taught music to Raja Serfoji. This mahal is full and fully dedicated to music and exhibit all musical instruments, and notes.

Raja Raja museum

Raja Raja museum is one of the notable places to visit at Tanjore. This museum is located inside the palace.

Raja Raja museum flaunts all kinds of Bronze utensils, belonging to various era and different countries. We can witness soldier armours, luxurious attires of the kings and queens, cooking vessels, artifacts made of elephant tusks, silver, china wears and lot more. This museum exhibits lots of statues, most notable among them are Bhairava, Umasahita Siva, kali, Somaskanda and Ram Lakshmanan.

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