Darasuram City Guide - Tamilnadu

Situated near the town of Kumbakonam, Darasuram is a great town of religious importance. This town houses the famous Airavateshwara temple where inscriptions read that the town was originally called as Rajarajapuram.


Places to visit

Airavateshwara temple : Named after the white elephant of the Hindu God Indra, the Airavateshwara temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple was built during the reign of the King Raja Raja Cholan and was built in the Dravidian style of architecture.

Pazhayarai : The town of Pazhayarai is situated very near to Darasuram and was the ancient capital of the Cholas. The town houses the Pazhayarai Someswarar temple which is a popular tourist attraction and a pilgrim destination.

Tirunallur: Popular for the Kalyanasundareswarar temple, the town of Tirunallur is a popular religious destination which is situated near Darasuram. The temple is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva and was built during the Chola’s reign.

Must Visit Places

Papanasam: A quaint town nestled near the town of Darasuram, Papanasam is a popular religious destination owing to its Pallaivanatha Swamy temple. This ancient temple is believed to be constructed by a Chola King.

Vaitheeswaran Koil : The Vaitheeswaran koil is a Hindu temple which is dedicated to the worship of the planet mars or Mangala. This temple is believed to rid one of all that ails the body. The image of the deity is taken out on a procession every Tuesday atop a goat.

Things to do

Uppiliappan temple, Kanjanoor temple and Alangudi.

Best Time to Visit

The town of Darasuram is best visited during the months of October to March when winter sets making the climate pleasant.

How to Reach :

By Air - The Tiruchirapalli airport is the closest one to Darasuram at a distance of 95 kilometers.

By Rail - The Kumbakonam railway station is the nearest railway station with a distance of 4 kilometers and is well connected by train to all the major cities, towns and villages.

By Road - Darasuram is well connected by the state transport and one can hire or rent a car to reach Darasuram by road.