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About - Thanjavur

Thanjavur (earlier known as Tanjore) is known as the royal city of the Chola, Nayak and the Maratha rulers.

Tanjore is a small city in Tamilnadu which lies to the east of Trichy. Tanjore also known as Thajavur is a divine land with lots of incredible temples. Though the city is small it has lots of amazing places to visit. The world renowned “Tanjore big temple” built by the great Chola king “ Raja raja Cholan is located here. Tanjore is a promising agricultural land in cultivating corns, millets and rice. Tanjore is also famous for paintings and Veena making. Every tourist destinations here manifest the glorious history of Tanjore.

The lore has it that the city was named after the great demon “ Thanjan” who was killed by lord Vishnu in this place. Yet another version states that the city gets its name from Than-sei-oor, which means a place surrounded by rivers and green paddy fields. This city was ruled by many, but flourished under the rule of Chola Empire and Tanjore acted as the Chola dynasty headquarters for some period.

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