Sivagangai has no trendy malls or fashion hubs but it is famous for incredible things like antique shops, ancient temples and stone sculptures.

Sivagangai is famous for temples, food, and antique shops. Karaikudi is well known for the pure diamonds and gold jewellery. People from various parts of the city come here to buy wedding jewels. Apart from this Chettinad region is famous for buying souvenirs from antique shops. Goods that are hundred years old, and exported goods from countries like Burma, Malaysia and Bhutan can be bought here. Sivagangai region is mainly known for its numerous famous temple shrines. There are lots of temple in Sivagangai which are very powerful and ancient. Take a visit to all these hoary temples and feel blessed. Another highlight of Sivagangai is the Chettinad region which is dotted with many colossal fortified ancient chettiyar houses.

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