Karaikudi Information

Karaikudi - City Guide - Tamilnadu

The Land of Chettinad, Karaikudi is situated in the Sivaganaga district of Tamil Nadu. This town flaunts of a wide range of traditional Chettinad. Though it was popular and powerful in its heydays, Karaikudi is the heritage hub of South India.


Places to Visit :

The Chettinad Palace: This splendid architecture of the Chettinad palace is an indigenous example of the Chettinad power. The construction is designed like that of a palace and this magnificent edifice goes back to 1912 AD.

Chettinad Museum : The Chettinad museum is a heritage home which is converted into a museum to show guests the unique grandeur and the Chettinad style of life. The place showcases jewelry, pottery, utensils, grain bars and other items that reflect how the Chettinad people lived life.

Vairavanpatti : Constructed in the 19th century the temple of Vairavanpatti is a temple with a number of folk tales attached to it. The temple is fully clad with paintings depicting scenes from the two great epics of Ramayana and the Mahabharata. A natural spring is present behind the temple which is believed to possess healing properties.

Must Visit Places

Chettinadu mansion : Situated in Kanadukathan, near Karaikudi, the Chettindau mansion is a heritage resort where one can stay and experience the lifestyle of Chettinad. This mansion is over 100 years old and is a perfect holiday destination.

Aayiram Jannal Veedu : Translated in English as the ‘House with a thousand windows’, the Aayiram Jannal Veedu is a famous landmark in Karaikudi. Built in 1941 the house was a creation of the Nattukottai Chettiars and houses 25 huge rooms and 1000 windows.

Ilayathangudi: Karaikudi has seven temples which are shared by nine villages around it. The temple of Ilayathangudi is the first among the clan temples. As legend goes, it is believed that the Lords stopped at this place to rest when they traveled in the land thousands of years ago.

Things To Do

Pillaiyarpatti temple, Chettinad antiques and Soorakudi.

Best Time to Visit

The months of October to February is the best time to visit karaikudi.

How to Reach

By Air - The nearest airport to Karaikudi is the Madurai International airport which is at a distance of 60 kilometers.

By Rail - Being a popular town, Karaikudi hails its own railway station and trains are available which reach most of the cities and towns.

By Road - Karaikudi is well connected by the state transport and one can hire or rent a car to reach Karaikudi by road.