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Theni has lots of amazing places to visit. This small serene village has lovely dams, hoary temples, milky waterfalls and lot more.

Kumbakkarai falls

Kumbakkarai falls is a great place to explore with family and friends while you are in Theni. This falls is very lovely and apt for photos

Take a break from this monotonous life and explore th578e natural beauties of Theni. One such remarkably beautiful place in Theni is the Kumbakkarai falls. This falls attracts lots of tourists every day. This picturesque falls is situated in the foothills of Kodaikanal. This falls has two stages, first it is collected in a huge rock recess which serves as the major water hold for animals. In the second stage it is connected with the Pambar river and flows down the greater heights. This is known as the Kumbakkarai falls.

Sothuparai dam

Sothuparai dam is a picturesque place to visit in Theni. Tourists visiting Theni must go to this dam as it is a great place to relish.

Sothuparai dam is built across the Varaha river. The stroll in this dam is surely refreshing as both side of the dam is dotted with Mango and Coconut trees. The dam is encircled by greeneries and verdant hills. It a great sight to behold the dam filled with water with the incredible rich environ as the backdrop. This dam is a must to visit place in Theni. Take you family and friend to this lovely place and relish its beauty.

Mannavanur lake:

Mannavanur lake is located in the outskirts of Theni. This lake is a prominent tourist attraction in Theni. Visit this lake with your beloved and relish its beauty.

Mannavanur lake is located little far away from Theni. This lake is thronged by lots of tourists every day. This place is mind-blowingly scenic and tranquil. This lake is an excellent spot for picnic with friends and family. With dark blue skies and tall pine tree as the backdrop this lake is a wonderland to wander.

Kolukkumalai tea estate:

Get enchanted by the serene beauty of green fields and valleys at Kolukkumalai tea estate. This place is very scenic and filled with wonderful aroma.

Kolukkumalai tea estate welcomes all with its aromatic ambiance and eye pleasing scenery. Kolukkumalai tea estate is considered as the largest organic tea estate in the world. This tea farm is a must to visit place near Theni. This organic estate was started in the year 1900 by a Scottish man. This is one among few tea f arms where no machines or computer are involved in any of the process in making tea products.

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