Nagapattinam City Information

History & Culture

Nagapattinam is carved out from Tanjavur district in the year 1991. This city is known by many names including Cholakula Vallippatinam, Naganadu and Shiva Rajadhani. Ruled by the Cholas for a very long period, Nagapattinam was a vital trade centre in the ancient Tamilnadu.

The history of Nagapattinam dates back to 3rd century, when the Budha Vihar took place under the rule of the King Ashoka. This town served as a prominent Buddhist centre between the period of 4th and 5th century. Even today we can witness lots of Buddha stupas at Nagapattinam reflecting the rich values of Buddha religion. Later in the 1680 the Dutch invaded Nagapattinam and ruled the town for a while.

People of Nagapattinam live in unity irrespective of religion, region, and language. From temples to mosque and church, this town is a true example of unity in diversity.

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