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Madurai is a historic place in Tamilnadu. There are lots of legends on Madurai city, this ancient city is has been mentioned in many ancients scriptures including Silapathigaram, Meenaktchi pilla Tamil and lot more. It is a wide belief that Madurai was the center of Sangam Tamil literature and according to the puranas three prominent Tamil Sangam had been commemorated in here.

Madurai acted as the capital of Pandians and under their rule Madurai city flourished. Another praiseworthy ruler of Madurai is The king Thirumalai Nayak, who contributed a lot in the fields of art and architecture.

Now Madurai stands proudly as one among the top four cities in Tamilnadu. Though it has modernized a lot, still it clings to the ancient ways, which is the specialty of this lovely city.

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