Reasons To Visit Javadi Hills In Tamilnadu

There is no uncertainty that an excursion to Hill Stations, a perfect delight. The Hill Stations promise a captivating and revitalizing break for vacationers to shed off the tensions of their lives by giving them ample opportunity to spend quality time with nature and offering adventure activities filled with excitement at every step.  When it comes to Tamilnadu, there is no dearth of hill stations. While hill stations like OotyKodaikanal, are very popular and at the top of most itineraries, there are some hill stations like Javadi Hills hidden away in the unadulterated nature that remain unknown to many. If you really love exploring unexplored hill stations and untrodden trails, then head to the most enthralling Javadi Hills in Tamilnadu. In the borders of Vellore and Tiruvannamalai lies this extremely beautiful and alluring hill station.

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Why Javadi Hills? Here are the Reasons to Visit Javadi Hills in Tamilnadu. Check Out:

  • Magical Beauty

Adorned with evergreen and picturesque surroundings, the Javadi Hills with their magical beauty and exquisite charm can cast a magical spell on its visitors. The lush green hills filled with many fruity trees is an enchanting sight of Javadi Hills. As the day ends, the spectacular green hills look even more astonishing with a purple tinge over them offering a truly magnificent visual treat. Javadi Hills has been admired for its picturesque beauty throughout history, especially during colonial times. It is an ideal spot for nature lovers where they can explore the true beauty of nature. 

  • Tranquil and Unpolluted

Peace and tranquillity, fresh air, no pollution, and scenic views all around. What else does a person needs? The mesmerizing Javadi Hills maintains a tranquil and unpolluted atmosphere throughout the year, thus offering an offbeat and peaceful travel destination for tourists. Not many tourists come here, and the peacefulness of this secluded hill station is worth experiencing. You can bask in the glory of pristine nature and savour the lush green settings when you are at Javadi Hills

  • Ultimate Summer Getaway

Javadi Hills wears a pleasant soothing climate throughout the year. Summers in Javadi Hills is extremely refreshing and offers the ultimate getaway from the sweltering weather. The lovely greens of Javadi Hills cradle everyone in their lushness. This gorgeous Hill station proves to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul with its fresh and cool mountain breeze and spectacular sights. Javadi Hills is a complete delight during summers offering an array of exciting activities like sightseeing, trekking, leisure walks, and so on.

  • Home To Spectacular Waterfalls

Javadi Hills is home to spectacular waterfalls. The jaw-dropping waterfalls cascading from the hills dotted with luscious greenery mirrors the enchanting magnificence of nature which is so satisfying to the eyes. The mesmerizing waterfalls at Javadi Hills is an excellent place to break your monotony. You can just chill and relax by the soothing waterfalls and feel the essence of calmness that can’t be express in words.

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  • Trekker’s Paradise

Owing to its astounding location and enthralling trails, Javadi Hills offers an idyllic paradise for trekkers. The trekking trails are so exciting and adventurous that will lead you to some of the most stunning views and breathtaking waterfalls. You will surely feel blessed amid the beauty and serenity the place offers and thoroughly enjoy the trek. The presence of few camping sites also allures many campers to Javadi Hills. The most beautiful trekking trails at Javadi Hills remains to be the Bhemma waterfall. 

  • Rich Flora and Fauna

At this hidden charming hill station, you can spot hundreds of rare and endangered species of plants, animals, birds, and butterflies. From Coconut, Guava, Mango, Lemon, Pomegranate, and Jackfruit, there is a wide variety of organic fruits available here. Sandalwood trees can be found in abundance in Javadi Hills. It is truly worth making a trip to Javadi Hills where one can explore the richness of flora and fauna found here.

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Scenic View Points and Picture-Perfect Photographic Spots

Javadi Hills boasts of several scenic viewpoints and picture-perfect photographic spots that draws a lot of photographers to this place. The scenic views the hill station offers will stain your memory forever. Visit Javadi Hills and get your camera filled with surreal shots of rare wildlife and the spectacular views of lush green hills changing colours with mesmerizing sunrise and sunset. If you are a passionate photographer, you shouldn’t miss Javadi Hills at any cost.

  • Vainu Bappu Observatory For an Experience of a Lifetime

Vainu Bappu Observatory set amidst the gorgeous Javadi Hills is all here to provide you with an experience of a lifetime. This beautiful Observatory has a 40-inch telescope which is the biggest telescope in Asia that offers you an insight into the wonder world of stars and planet. This astronomical observatory is owned and operated by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics. Also known as Kavalur Observatory, it was the place where the rings around the planets Saturn and Uranus were discovered.

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Ways To Reach Javadi Hills

By Air:

The nearest airport is Vellore Airport, just 78 Km away.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is Katpadi Railway Station, around 54 Km away

By Road:

Javadi Hills are well-connected via road. There are regular buses and taxis available from Thiruvannamalai and Vellore to Javadi Hills.

The unexplored yet extremely beautiful Javadi Hills is worth a place for an alluring getaway. This lovely hill station has several options to suit every traveler needs. A trip to Javadi Hills is one you won’t ever forget. Don’t forget to add Javadi Hills to your travel bucket list.

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