Bird Sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu


“Vacation” probably this is a joyful word, and it is something that everyone surely longs for. When people get a chance to travel during vacation, they choose a variety of options like Hills stations, beaches, Temples and etc.; but above all these options, the best choice that provides a meaning to the word vacation would be “Disconnection from the busy city life”, Connecting only with only nature, getting yourself refreshed in a tranquil environment. There are high possibilities of experiencing all these features mentioned above if you visit the popular Bird sanctuaries that are located in Tamil Nadu.

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1. Vedanthangal Birds Sanctuary

Vedanthangal Birds Sanctuary is the most popular bird sanctuary in the state of Tamil Nadu that people must visit once in their lifetime. Being an exclusive destination for nature enthusiasts and bird lovers, this sanctuary spans over 74 acres as a protected area in the Chengalpattu district of Tamil Nadu.

A picturesque view of migratory birds at Vedanthangal Birds Sanctuary in the Chengalpattu District of Tamil Nadu.

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The most interesting thing about Vedanthangal Birds Sanctuary is its history that dates back to 1796, when a group of soldiers considered that hunting birds would be a big fun. But the neighbourhood villagers opposed the act, out of which they introduced to protect birds from hunting and poaching. This is how India’s first bird sanctuary Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary, was born. You will be delighted to see over 40,000 winged unpaid guest who visit this sanctuary during their migratory period especially to ease the stress caused by your busy city life.

The best time to visit Vedanthangal Birds Sanctuary is between October and March.

2. Koonthankulam Bird Sanctuary

Spend your vacation in the “quietest city” of Tamil Nadu – Koonthankulam. This beautiful bird sanctuary is located just 38 km away from Tirunelveli district in the tiny village of Koonthankulam in Nanguneri Taluk. A city without the sound of heavy drums during any celebration, without bursting crackers during any special occasion, with only limited industrial activities and the presence of a wider range of green spaces. You are so lucky to visit this sanctuary but more than you, the luckiest would be the migratory birds that halt here, travelling millions of kilometers from Siberia, Canada and central Asia.

An enchanting view of migratory birds at Koonthankulam Bird Sanctuary in the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu.

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You can find notable water bird species like the Indian pond heron, Eurasian wigeon, spot-billed pelican oriental darter and Northern pintail. If you are not aware of these bird types then you must definitely see those beautiful and rare breeds. This is the best spot to get in tie strongly with only nature where you can relax and unwind from your hectic city life.

The best time to visit Koonthankulam Bird Sanctuary is from November to February.

3. Karikili Birds Sanctuary

Refreshment to your mind has no bounds when you visit Karikili Birds Sanctuary. This is one of the beautiful bird sanctuaries where you can find a variety of resident and migratory birds, most of them water birds, as well as a few species of scavengers. The Karikili Birds Sanctuary is one of the popular tourist attractions in the Chengalpattu District of Tamil Nadu.

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Karikili Birds Sanctuary is totally fine if you are not a bird enthusiast, but it is impossible for you to never be a nature enthusiast. Apart from Avian inhabitants, this sanctuary is the best place to enjoy the scenic beauty as it is surrounded by picturesque views, lush greenery,  tranquility and all the indispensable qualities that a perfect relaxation spot must possess. Explore every nook and corner of this sanctuary’s beauty and let the pictures you took there rule your Instagram page.

The best time to visit Karikili Birds Sanctuary is from November to February

4. Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary

Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary is ultimately for the fans of birdwatching. This sanctuary has a wider range of Rich Avian Biodiversity making it as an ideal spot for a variety of rare species of birds like Open-billed storks, white ibises, gray herons, spotted-billed pelicans painted storks and more. Being an important stop on the long journeys of many migratory birds, it gives you the opportunity of seeing these fascinating birds in close-ups. Add some knowledge to the fun of bird watching by being a part of the guided tours and nature walks conducted by knowledgeable experts who share valuable insights about birds and the sanctuary. Apart from Bird watching, you can also engage in activities like photography, and picnicking and explore the natural trails in the sanctuary premises.

The Best time to visit Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary is from November to February.

5. Kanjirankulam Birds Sanctuary

Get experienced with enriching quality of bird watching, nature exploration, and an unbounded fun by visiting the Kanjirankulam Birds Sanctuary. You can witness over 150 varieties of bird species and if you are lucky you can spot some rare ones too. The sight of seeing the migratory birds visiting, flying across, and enjoying the ambiance will be a soul-soothing visual treat for you. Along with the bird you too part take in the enjoyment of the ambience as the sanctuary has a serene environment that encompasses freshwater, marshes wetlands, and a wider range of vegetation that provides visitors with a rejuvenating experience. Have an adventurous experience at the tranquil location by going on boat tours where you can observe both nature and birds. 

The best time to visit Kanjirankulam Birds Sanctuary is from November to February.

6. Chitrangudi Birds Sanctuary

Chitrangudi Birds Sanctuary is a hidden gem when it comes to bird watching. This sanctuary is one of the few sanctuaries in India where you get to see endangered birds coming from Siberia and Canada during the migratory period. One of the best features of Chitrangudi Birds Sanctuary is that it is an important breeding ground for migratory birds such as pot-billed pelican painted storks and grey herons. Grab the opportunity to witness those beautiful birds from everywhere possible by taking a boat ride along the Vila River or going on a nature walk within the sanctuary that will truly provide you with an enchanting experience, or choose an alternate option to watch bird through the majestic watch tower and well-maintained walking trails that will minimize the disturbance to birds but maximize your overall travel satisfaction.

The best time to visit Chitrangudi Birds Sanctuary is between November to February.

7. Udayamarthandapuram Birds Sanctuary

Located amidst beautiful landscapes, Udayamarthandapuram Birds Sanctuary is a paradise for both birds and bird watchers. Get settled in the perfect place for relaxation that has lush greenery, tranquil water bodies such as lakes and ponds and many other impeccable qualities that are indeed for your refreshment. As there is a beautiful surroundings, you can give your camera lens a big chance of capturing various stunning shots of the locations and also the birds. The peaceful surroundings provide a peaceful setting for bird watching and nature photography. Explore preserves and trails that allow visitors to immerse themselves in natural beauty and a sense of tranquility.

The best time to visit Udayamarthandapuram Birds Sanctuary is from November to February.

8. Pulicat Lake Birds Sanctuary

Find yourself in the middle of a fairly tail land, that provides you with a dreamy experience of nature, visual treat, and tranquility. Before planning your trip to Maldives or Mauritius, grab the chance to visit the “Lagoon in Tamil Nadu” Pulicat Lake Birds Sanctuary is renowned for its excellent ecosystem, it is a must-visit place for any type of enthusiast. It is one of the largest brackish lagoons in India, which comprises both freshwater and salt water. You will be fascinated by the sight of flamingos, pelicans, herons, egrets, storks, ducks, terns, gulls, and many others. Apart from birds, you will also find other aquatic organisms and reptiles in the mangrove forest. Grab the biggest chance of experiencing all in one enjoyment like lagoons, birds, nature, and relaxation from the one and only Pulicat Lake Birds Sanctuary.

The best time to visit Pulicat Lake Birds Sanctuary is from November to February.

9. Vaduvoor Birds Sanctuary

You might not be aware of the existence of “A Perfect Picnic Spot or a Family Spot in Tamil Nadu” until you visit Vaduvoor Birds Sanctuary. Spread across 200 acres, Vaduvoor Birds Sanctuary is beautified with lush green surroundings, serene lakes, and a peaceful atmosphere suitable for you to spend ample of time by relaxing and spending time with your friends and family. Apart from resting, you can indulge yourself in taking up a leisurely walk exploring the breathtaking beauty of the sanctuary. As you walk along and witness the birds that visit during their migratory period, it would be a wonderful sight to behold. Whether you are a passionate bird watcher, a passionate nature lover, or a passionate rest seeker a visit to Vaduvoor Birds Sanctuary will meet all of your holiday checklist.

The best time to visit Vaduvoor Birds Sanctuary is from November to February.

10. Karaivetti Birds Sanctuary

Karaivetti Birds Sanctuary is a haven for birds and a heaven for the people who visit. Karaivetti Birds Sanctuary is one of the popular sanctuaries in India that has a sudden increase in receiving an enormous number of birds from Siberia, Canada, and other famous countries of the world. If you are a passionate bird watcher or a bird enthusiast Karaivetti Birds Sanctuary is a must-visit place since you will never miss the sight of beautiful and rare species of birds.

A picturesque view of migratory birds at Karaivetti Birds Sanctuary in the state of Tamil Nadu.

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Apart from bird watching, this is the best spot for nature lovers too as this sanctuary boasts a breathtaking beauty as it comprises of lush green landscapes, a serene lake, and all things that are required to add charm to the existing natural beauty. The most fascinating reason to visit Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary is the watch tower that enables one to see the panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings. The tranquil atmosphere along with the melodious chirping of birds creates a soothing effect to the mind that perfectly enables you to connect with only nature.

The best time to visit Karaivetti Birds Sanctuary is from November to February.

11. Vellode Birds Sanctuary

If you are interested in avian ecology, then the best spot to visit would be the Vellode Birds Sanctuary. The sanctuary offers a variety of education and training programs to raise awareness about bird conservation and environmental sustainability where you can learn about the importance of protecting natural habitats and the role of birds in maintaining ecological balance. You can observe and make a note of the unique behaviors of both the migratory and the resident birds and use the acquired information for a productive purpose. If you don’t want your trip to be an educational trip, then you can boundlessly explore the beauty of this sanctuary, as the calm location and picturesque views make it an ideal place for outdoor or nature photography and relaxation from a busy hectic city life.

The best time to visit Vellode Birds Sanctuary is from November to February.

12. Melaselvanur-Kilaselvanur Bird Sanctuary

Melaselvanur-Kilaselvanur Bird Sanctuary is a beautiful place with unique and valuable features for both bird lovers and nature enthusiasts. This is the best spot where you can find unique and rare species of birds like the Painted Stork, Spot-billed Pelican, Black-headed Ibis, Gray Heron, Little Egret, and many more.

This is one of the best places in India where you can immerse yourself completely into nature as the green atmosphere, serene slithering lakes, and the chirping songs of the birds will definitely soothe your soul. There’s no limit to exploring the wonderful beauty of this sanctuary as it is adorned with beautiful lakes, marshes, wetlands, and dense forests, providing a perfect habitat for birds and as well as for you to thrive.

The best time to visit Melaselvanur-Kilaselvanur Bird Sanctuary is from November to February.

13. Theerthangal Bird Sanctuary

A perfect holiday is when you spend time far away from the city, where to tend to live with only nature. Theerthangal Bird Sanctuary is an exclusive spot that welcomes all nature lovers. This sanctuary boats breathe taking natural beauty comprising of various beautiful landscapes to rest, picturesque spots for outdoor photography, and serene lakes where you can take a refreshing walk or a dip.

The atmosphere of the sanctuary meets all your demands for relaxation that eases out all the stress that comes out of busy city life. Apart from relaxation, you can observe beautiful folks of 150 species of birds that gracefully glide across the sky providing the visitors an awestruck view. Apart from birds, you can also spot reptiles and amphibians. Take a chance to fully explore the sanctuary through a leisurely walk beside the well-maintained trails or go on boat rides on the lake. Simply sit back and soak yourself in admiring the natural beauty.

THe best time to visit Theerthangal Bird Sanctuary is from November to February.

14. Sakkarakottai Tank Birds Sanctuary

With a well-maintained ecological balance, peaceful ambience, and most comforting wetlands Sakkarakottai Tank Birds Sanctuary welcomes the birds watcher and as well as people who seek relaxation from their everyday hectic life. Being an abode to a variety of bird species, this sanctuary offers a spectacular view of the colourful flying creatures.

The most important fact about Sakkarakottai Tank Birds Sanctuary is that it has about 5,000 birds belonging to 30 species residing and visiting her during their migratory period. Along with birds, you can’t stop admiring the beauty of the surrounding that has a slithering water body, and many spaces that are invaded by meadows that best suit people who need to unwind from distress.

The best time to reach Sakkarakottai Tank Birds Sanctuary is from November to February.

15. Oussudu Lake Birds Sanctuary

An atmosphere that is Calm and Cool that perfectly meets your vacation demands. If you are planning to spend your vacation that would completely unleash yourself from busy city life, and recharge your mind with rejuvenation, then the best choice would be visiting Oussudu Lake Birds Sanctaury.

If you love watching birds, you will be surprised by the sight of painted storks, open bill storks, golden orioles, tailorbird, white ibis, spotted owlets, egrets, bulbul, kingfishers, and other birds that rare of rare species. Even if you are not a bird freak, then the gate of regeneration opens to you as you can enter into the most loved space by all nature lovers. There is a majestic freshwater lake that will be a spectacular visual treat. The experience of mild breezy air along with the shimmering water at the lake is the best feature for you to relax in the environment.

The best time to visit Sakkarakottai Tank Birds Sanctuary is from November to February.

It’s not just a vacation as you spend time on visiting the popular bird sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu. Rather it is a chance to admire and appreciate the nature and its belongings. You cannot have a strong and prolonged relationship with nature as you cling on to your busy city life but you can gift yourself the chance to spend a little time with it and carry home big sweet memories. Let your Endorphins get unleashed by visiting the Bird sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu.

So what are you waiting for? Embark on an unforgettable getaway to the bird sanctuaries of Tamil Nadu and revel in the best that this bird sanctuaries in Tamilnadu has to offer.

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