Things You Shouldn’t Miss In Dhanushkodi


When Dhanushkodi beckons, you can’t say no! Breathtakingly gorgeous yet shrouded in mystery, Dhanushkodi – the mysterious Ghost Town of India is a place of intrigue and wonder that enthralls travellers. If you are a traveller with a thirst for exploring extraordinary destinations, Dhanushkodi deserves a spot on your travel bucket list. Nestled at the southernmost tip of India, with the Bay of Bengal on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other, this enigmatic ghost town offers an intriguing blend of natural beauty, history, and mythology.

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As you embark on a journey to this offbeat and mystical gem, here are the things you shouldn’t miss:

The Mysterious Ghost Town of Dhanushkodi:

An old ruined church at Dhanushkodi in the state of Tamilnadu.

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Dhanushkodi‘s prime attraction is its abandoned ghost town. Once a bustling coastal town, it succumbed to a cyclone’s fury in 1964, leaving behind an eerie landscape of deserted homes, churches, and railway tracks. Wandering amidst these ghostly structures delivers an eerily beautiful experience while unravelling the intriguing history of Dhanushkodi.

The Azure and Utterly Beautiful Dhanushkodi Beach:

Dhanushkodi Beach is a paradise for beachcombers, nature lovers, photographers, as well as peace-seekers. It is serene and secluded and boasts pristine white sands and crystal-clear waters that stretch as far as the eye can see, creating a picturesque setting.

A serene view of Dhanushkodi beach

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The gentle waves, the soothing sound of the sea, and the surreal beauty make it a perfect place for relaxation, meditation, and introspection. Dhanushkodi Beach is not just a visual spectacle but also a site where myth and history merge. It is believed to be the place where Lord Rama built a bridge to Lanka, as narrated in the epic Ramayana.

Arichal Munai – The Last Road of India

Arichal Munai is an epic place which is said to be the end-point of the Indian mainland. It marks the merging point of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean and is best known for viewing ocean sunsets.

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As per Hindu legends, this is where you can see the origin of the legendary Ram Sethu, believed to be constructed by the army of monkeys for Lord Rama. The shores of Sri Lanka lie not too far from this mystical spot.

Ram Setu View Point

Head to the Ram Setu View Point where you can behold the mythical Ram Setu Bridge or Adam’s Bridge believed to have been built by Lord Rama and his army of vanaras (monkeys) to reach Lanka (modern-day Sri Lanka) and rescue Sita, who had been abducted by Ravana. Visiting such a site which is mentioned in the epic Ramayana, written some million years ago is truly a sacred and blissful experience.

Pamban Bridge:

The Pamban Bridge also known as the Pamban Rail Bridge is India’s first sea bridge and one of the most iconic engineering marvels in the country. It serves as a vital link, connecting Mandapam in mainland Tamil Nadu to the island of Pamban in Rameswaram.

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This daring railway route, spanning a slender 2 Km stretch over the sea, is known as one of India’s most picturesque and thrilling train journeys, making it a must-try for adventurous souls. Running alongside the Pamban Rail Bridge is the Indira Gandhi Road Bridge, promising one of the most spectacular road trips with exquisite views of the Railway Bridge and Rameshwaram Island.

Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park

The Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park, a marine conservation wonder, is renowned for its rich biodiversity, pristine coral reefs, and vibrant marine life including dolphins, dugongs, sea turtles, and an astounding array of fish species.

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Moreover, it’s a paradise for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts, providing an opportunity to explore the stunning underwater world and vibrant coral gardens. A visit to the Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park is a one-of-a-kind experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Ramar Patham Temple

The Ramar Patham Temple, as its name implies, is renowned for bearing the footprints of Lord Rama on a stone. According to legend, this is the very spot where Lord Hanuman delivered the news to Lord Rama that he had discovered Goddess Sita in Sri Lanka. The temple’s tranquil surroundings and mythological significance make it a cherished destination for spiritual seekers and tourists alike.

Dhanushkodi Lighthouse:

The 49-metre-tall octagonal-shaped Dhanushkodi Lighthouse, perched on the tip of Pamban Island, commands a breathtaking view of the surrounding sea and landscape. Flanked by Palk Strait on one side and the Gulf of Mannar on the other, the Lighthouse plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of fishermen navigating these waters. One of its remarkable features is the Visitor’s Gallery situated at a height of 42 meters, offering a breathtaking 360-degree view of the Island. Photography enthusiasts can capture stunning sunrise and sunset views from this vantage point.

Kothandaramaswamy Temple:

Nestled amidst the vast sea, the Kothandaramaswamy Temple was the only structure that miraculously survived the devastating 1964 Rameswaram cyclone, remaining unscathed while much of the surrounding area was ravaged.

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The main deity of this temple is Lord Rama, holding a “Kothandam” or bow, which lends the temple its name, Kothandaramaswamy Temple. With a history dating back over a millennium, the temple is steeped in mythology. According to the Ramayana, this is the place where Vibhishana, the virtuous brother of the demon king Ravana, sought refuge and surrendered to Lord Rama.

A Drive Over Pamban Bridge (Indira Gandhi Road Bridge):

A car drive or bike ride over Pamban Bridge is nothing short of a thrilling adventure that offers both the joy of travel and the enchantment of breathtaking scenery. The road is flanked by the vibrant turquoise Indian Ocean on one side and the serene blue-green Bay of Bengal on the other, making it one of the most picturesque drives in India.

Water Sports

Young adventure enthusiasts enjoying Jet skiing in the beaches of Rameswaram.

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Dhanushkodi is surprisingly an adventure hub too that offers thrilling water sports like snorkeling, kayaking, jet skiing, stand-up board, windsurfing, coral watching, and scuba diving for the adventurous souls. Dive into the azure waters to discover the vibrant marine life in the untouched corner of the ocean and explore the magical underwater world.


Dhanushkodi, with its pristine natural beauty and diverse ecosystems, is a paradise for bird watchers. The region hosts various migratory birds, and you can spot a diverse range of avian species in the tranquil surroundings. Remember to bring your binoculars and a camera to capture these avian wonders in their natural habitat. 


A photogenic wonderland, Dhanushkodi is a dream destination for photography enthusiasts. In Dhanushkodi, every view is picture-perfect and postcard-worthy. From the intriguing remnants of the abandoned town to the mesmerizingly scenic beach, you’ll find endless opportunities for photography that showcase the ethereal beauty and exquisite charm of this extraordinary destination.

Magical Sunset Views

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Dhanushkodi is famed for its spectacular sunsets. As the sun bids farewell for the day, the horizon transforms into a canvas of vivid colours, offering a feast for the eyes and soul. Make your way to Dhanushkodi Beach in the evening to witness the spellbinding sunset that will leave you spellbound.

Lip-Smacking Sea Food Delicacies

Dive into a culinary adventure at the quaint local eateries in Dhanushkodi, where you can relish the finest catch-of-the-day dishes.

Fish food in Dhanushkodi

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From succulent prawns to flavourful fish curries, these eateries offer a delightful array of local seafood delicacies that capture the true essence of this coastal town. The rich and delectable flavors of the coastal cuisine is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Best Time to Visit Dhanushkodi:

While Dhanushkodi remains hot and humid throughout the year, the best time for a visit is during the pleasantly warm months of October to February. Be prepared to brave the harsh sun rays during the daytime.

Dhanushkodi Travel Tips:

A traveller standing near the destroyed Building in the Ghost Town of Dhanushkodi, in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.

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  • It is advisable to start your trip to Dhanushkodi early in the day. You can reach the destination as early as 6 Am. Entry to Dhanushkodi is prohibited after 5 p.m., so plan your visit accordingly.
  • Light and comfortable clothing are recommended due to the warm climate. It is advisable to wear modest attire while visiting the temples.
  • Ensure you have sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, a hat/cap, and an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Remember to stay hydrated, especially if you’re out in the sun. 
  • While exploring the captivating beach and the eerie ghost town of Dhanushkodi, it is a good idea to opt for comfortable and sturdy walking shoes or sandals, as the terrain in this area can be uneven.
  • There are no restaurants or eateries in Dhanushkodi, so it is advisable to carry packed food and sufficient water with you. You can find cafes and restaurants only in Rameshwaram.
  • If you plan to stay overnight, it’s recommended to book accommodation in Rameshwaram, as Dhanushkodi doesn’t have lodging facilities.
  • Avoid swimming in the deep waters at Dhanushkodi as it can be unsafe due to strong currents. 
  • ATMs might not be readily available in Dhanushkodi, so it’s a good idea to carry enough cash for your expenses.
  • Remember to carry your camera and binoculars with you.

How to Reach Dhanushkodi:

By Air: Madurai Airport is 198.5 Km away from Dhanushkodi. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to Rameswaram, which is the nearest accessible town to Dhanushkodi.

By Rail: Rameswaram Railway Station, which is well-connected to various cities in India, is the closest railway station to Dhanushkodi. From the railway station, you can hire a taxi or take a local bus to reach Dhanushkodi.

By Road: Dhanushkodi is not directly accessible by road due to its remote location and the fact that it’s part of a sensitive coastal region. You can reach Rameswaram by road and then continue your journey to Dhanushkodi from there. Regular buses and taxis are available from Rameswaram to Dhanushkodi.

Dhanushkodi awaits, where every grain of sand has a story to tell, and every wave serenades with its unique melody. Never miss the chance to visit this enchanting paradise. 

We hope that you’ll find this blog to be a helpful guide as you plan your upcoming Dhanushkodi trip. 

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