Jallikattu (Bull Fight)

Dravidians are known for their valour and spirit. Jallikattu is yet another festival which is conducted to emphasis on Tamilian’s courage. On this special eve all the oxen are decorated, beautifies with colour powders.



Jallikattu can be simply called Bull taming. Bulls come running out furiously from a closed place into the grounds. Young men try to catch, tame the bulls and make them lie down. If bulls lie down flat on the ground, the person who tamed it would be announced as the winner.

Month of celebration:

This festival is celebrated during the month of January, on the second day of Thai Pongal.


It will be held as part of Pongal celebration. In Tamil Nadu, Jallikattu is held in Madurai, Tiruchirapalli and Tanjore. Bundles containing money are also tied to the horns of ferocious bulls, and unarmed villagers try to tame wrest the bundles from them.