Kabaddi is one of the living ancient gams of India. This game is played all over India. In Tamilnadu it is known as Kabaddi, and in other parts of India it is known by many names Chedugudu or Hu-Tu-Tu, Hadudu, and Kit-Kit.


This game needs severe practice and body strength. Breath control, raid, dodging and movement of hand and feet are the basic skills that one has to acquire, in order to play kabaddi. The player has to acquire power and learn both offensive and defensive skills to excel in the game, which combines the characteristics of rugby and wrestling


The origin of Kabaddi is from Tamilnadu, earlier this is like a duet between two gang leaders and the victory is decided who pushes back the other outside the boundary. It is a kind of tug war. Later it developed as a group fight and breath control were added later. Even in Tamilnadu, this game is known by different names depending on the region, such as Kabaddi, Sadugudu, Gudugudu, Palinjadugudu and Sadugoodatthi. The word ‘Kabaddi’ could have originated from the Tamil words ‘kai’ (hand) and ‘pidi’ (catch). Even some literary works make a note of this game, where two clan people settle their disputes through playing this game.

Even in the Mahabaratham, we come to know that Arjuna had a unique talent in the game of kabaddi. He could effortlessly sneak into the ‘wall’ of enemies, destroy them all and come back unscathed. And according to Buddhist manuscripts, Lord Buddha loved to play Kabaddi as the game helps to exhibit his strength and gives refreshment to his body muscles.

Credits of this game:

In India, kabaddi was primarily devised as a way to develop the physical strength and speed in young men. During its inception, kabaddi was played to boost the self-defense skills and to develop quick responsiveness to attacks.

How it is played:

Techniques of the game, there are two teams that occupy the opposite halves of a field. In turns, one team sends a ‘raider’ into the other half, in order to win points. The raider, who goes inside has to touch any one of the teammates from the other team and immediately run back to his line, without even once letting off his breath during the whole raid and chanting the word “kabaddi”. On the other hand, the members of the other team have to grab the raider down before he reaches his line.