Tourist places in Rameswaram

Rameshwaram the most sacred land in Tamilnadu is a brimming with tourists and spiritual persons. Visit this city and know more.

This land has lots of folk lore and myths. The imminent Ramanatha swamy temple anchored here is second to the Sacred Kashi, it is believed that taking bath in the 64 theerthas, in this temple will wipe out ones sins and bless him with good fortune. The most miraculous thing of Rameshwaram beaches is that there is very less waves and most the time the sea is found tranquil and serene.


Rameshwaram is an island linked to India by Pamban bridge and yet another bridge. There are many beaches in Rameshwara, but the very important ones are Agni theertha, Dhanushkodi, Shangumal beach, and Ariyaman beach.

Agni theertha:

This beach is just opposite to the temple, currently few modifications have been done for the benefit of visitors and tourists. This beach is always crowded with people performing some or other rituals. It is a believed that taking bath in this beach will annihilate ones sins and leave us pure.


The most enchanting part of the world, the view from its tip will cast chill down our spine. We can witness the confluence of Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal in naked eyes and it’s a spectacular sight to behold. This place is also dotted with ruins of few decades back. You can take a bike ride along the shores and also a peaceful walk in its white sands is surely a rejuvenating one. Rameshwaram beach is crowed and vibrant around the clock. So you can make your trip here at any time.

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