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The silver beach located in Cuddlaore is the most highlighted part of the city, though Cuddalore has high number of populations, this beach remains unbusy. This is considered to be one of the longest beaches in Asia. Going for a long walk in the shores of the untouched beach would be a blissful experience. Another interesting thing about this beach is that the south Cuddalore bay area resembles as a separate island which offers water sports and relaxations to the visitors.
Want to watch breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset? Then you must visit Samiyarpettai beach which is lesser known among the people. Characterized by its golden sand shores, clear blue waters, and gentle waves this beach provides ample space for tourist to relax, go on a leisurely walks, or engage in numerous recreational activities. It also serves as a spot for picnics. You will truly hesitate to leave this place once you visit.
Take a boat ride in the green water into the dense mangrove forest called Pichavaram, which plays a cardinal role in maintaining the ecological balance of the region. The tranquil environment calms your mind with its complex network of waterways, canals, and backwaters.
Never miss to visit the Veeranam Lake, the longest Man-made Lake in the world. Legends tell that princess Kundavai who belong to the Chola dynasty visited her frequently during the spring season for refreshments.
The top most prioritized place located in Cuddalore is the Chidambaram temple also known as Thillai Nataraja Temple. It is believed that Lord Shiva performed his cosmic dance, known as the Tandava in this temple. People call this dance as "Ananda Tandava," which means the joyful dance that symbolizes creation, preservation, and destruction. It is said that lord kali who lost to lord Shiva moved to a particular place called Thillai Kali temple located at the outskirts of Chidambaram. You cannot conclude when it comes to Shivan or Shakthi so visit both these temples
Also visit temples like Devanthaswamy temple, dedicated to lord Vishnu located in thiruvanthipuram.
Virduhagireeswarar temple - a temple is exclusively visited by couples seeking marital harmony and those aspiring for offspring. Ragavendra temple the birth place of Ramalinga Adigalar - a prominent spiritual leader, poet, philosopher, and social reformer who believed that spiritual enlightment could be attained by selfless service to manhood excluding ego and hatred.

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