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There is no wonder in calling Chennai as an exotic state as it preserves its deep-rooted traditions and age-old heritage.

Chennai is the cultural capital of South India. This 350 years old city has the vibe of young hearts. British had a stronghold on Madras during the independence era and did many good to the city. They were the prime reason for the drastic development of Chennai city, which was once just a forest land.

The northen part of Chennai is primarily an industrial area, and the central part is the commercial heart of the city. Whereas South and west chennai are mostly residential areas. Kodambakkam is the cinema hub of Kollywood, filled with lots of film industries, studios and cinema sets.  Irrespective of the metropolis heart Chennai perfectly balances its old heritage and the modern vibe. It’s a sight to behold the Chennai’s skyline which is brimming with skyscrapers.  Once you were at Chennai you will quickly adapt to its hustle bustle and will tend to love its multi face.

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