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Devotees from all parts of South India throng the Vaitheeswaran Koil in Tamilnadu to seek the blessings of Lord Vaidyanathar or Vaitheeswaran (Lord Shiva) and pray here for a remedy from various ailments as Lord Vaitheeswaran is regarded as the “God of Healing”. Devotees believe that prayers to Lord Vaitheeswaran can cure all ailments and also brings mental peace and relief from hardships. Vaitheeswaran Koil is revered for providing relief from […]


Worshipping Navagrahas – Sun, Moon, and other planets is an important aspect of the Hindu way of life. In Hindu belief, the grahas can be auspicious or inauspicious based on its planetary position at a given point of time and can determine the course of one’s life. They are believed to grasp and deploy karmic forces that affect […]

Popular places to visit in Tamilnadu for Jallikattu?

Tamil Nadu is most popular in the global forum for many reasons. Few of them include the magnificent temples, tangy cuisines across various regions and most importantly the festivals celebrated for every season. From the row of festivals, we are discussing about the most renowned warrior sport, which is indeed a pride of Tamil Nadu, […]

Reasons Why should we visit Temples of Tamilnadu ?

Right time has come to shed out the negative thoughts and fears in our life. Row of lockdowns are over and get ready to explore the world, as travel gives us bounty of joy, always! Close to one year has passed by with lockdowns, work from home, online learning and all stuffs which kept us […]

Best Places To Witness The 2020 Jallikattu In Tamil Nadu

Jallikattu is an ancient valor sport of Tamilnadu. It’s not only a game of bravery, it’s an identity of Tamil people which reflects their rich culture and heritage. The real meaning of this game is Bull embracing; Tamilians revere Bull as God and share a brotherhood with them. This sport takes place from the Pongal Festival in January, this year the Pongal festival falls on 15.01.2020.

Chennai Dance and Music Festival 2020

The Chennai Dance & Music Festival Chennai is a popular festival in South India and it is truly dedicated to the South Indian Classical music and dance, held during mid December to mid January in the capital city of Chennai. People from all over South India come to Chennai during this time to be a part of this celebration of Indian music and dance.

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