Vekkali Amman Temple - Trichy

Vekkali Amman Temple

Vekkali Amman graces majestically in her pedestal, the fiery eyes and sharp fangs show how powerful she is. Kali one of the gods who is revered as well as feared by the devotees. Vekkali Amman is the family deity of many. Wherever they might work, during the annual festival of Vekkalli everyone having Vekkali as their family deity will come here and pay tribute to the Goddess. The natives believe her as their lifesaver and warrior.
Vekkali Amman temple is located in Worayur near Trichy. During the ancient period, it was ruled by Cheras and Cholas. The temple is built in the Dravidian style, with the Main tower (Raja gopuram) in the front, the Effigy of Kali is found in open space, it’s a custom that, usually Kali erected in the open space is found in sitting position with her left leg bent and right leg stamping a demon. But it is contrary in the case of Vekkali Amman, which is a distinct feature of this temple. She has, trishool, small drum (udukkai), sacred thread and eternal food vessel ( Akshaya Pathra) in her four hands. A grand crown, pearl necklace, and gold bangles enhance her beauty even more. There is also a shrine of Saneeswarar, hence this temple is known for planetary relief.

Location of Vekkali Amman Temple :

Vekkali Amman temple is located at Worayur, near Trichy.

Distinctiveness :

Devotees write their wishes, sorrows, and miseries in a paper and tie it to the trident anchored before the Goddess, with the hope that all their problems will be taken care of by Vekkali Amman. We can see lakhs of paper bundles hanging in the trident. Devotees whose wish has come true does anointment to the Amman, they also offer Amman red silk saree and flowers. People suffering from planetary effects visit the Lord Saneeswara shrine in this temple to get relief and lead a prosperous life. Free food is provided to all on the outer premise of the temple and people can also donate money for free food service.


The legend has it that, Paranthaka Chola ruled this lace several years before. He is a pious follower of Sarama Munivar, who is a devotee of Lord Shiva. This Munivar created a beautiful garden for Lord Shiva and offered all the flowers bloomed in here to God. One day the king came to visit him and was startled to see the fabulous garden. He plucked some flowers to give to his Wife, but the Munivar warned him not to take the flowers as it belonged to Lord Shiva. The king didn’t heed to the Munivar’s order, rather he got furious, saying that, whatever grows in this kingdom belongs to him. Munivar didn’t know what to do, he appealed to Lord Shiva. The enraged Lord turned his head and opened his forehead eye, from which gushes out fire rain and destroyed the whole Woraiyur. People ran for their lives and sheltered at Vekkali Amman temple which is the only place unaffected by the fire rain. The Queen of Worayur, Bhuvanama Devi was pregnant and was nearing her labor period, in order to escape from the fire rain, she fell into river Cauvery. She was a pious devotee of Goddess Vekkali, due to her ceaseless prayers, she was saved by a Brahmin and successfully gave birth to a boy child. Who later erected this temple for Vekkali Amman as gratitude for saving his mother.

How to Reach Vekkali Amman Temple?

This temple is located Worayur near Trichy.
Bus: Busses are available from Trichy main bus stand to Vakkali Amman temple. You can also hire an auto or taxi.