Ujjaini makali Amman Temple - Trichy

Ujjaini makali Amman Temple

Samayapurathu Mariamman Temple is one of the most famous Amman temples in India. This temple is very old and serene. People from all over the world visit this temple for the better life, prosperity and health. Especially people from Srilanka, Malaysia, India and Singapore visit this temple at large numbers. The temple is located in a perfect ambiance, with lovely coconut trees surrounding the temple.
Ujjaini Makali is believed to be the younger sister of Samayapuram Mariyamman. This temple is located just two Kms away from Samayapurathu Mariyamman temple. This temple signifies the oneness of Lord Shiva and Parvathi. Ujjaini Makali can also be found in North India. Those who are going on a pilgrimage tour to Amman temple, will surely cast a visit to Ujjaini Makali.

Location of Ujjaini makali Amman Temple :

Ujjaini Makali Amman temple is located near Samayapuram and is just 2 km from Samayapurathu Mariamman temple.

Distinctiveness :

The goddess is very unique, having three hands and one breast. The structure of Goddess signifies the arthanatheeswarar (half Shiva and half Shakti), though the Goddess is a kali, she has a pleasing face devoid of fangs and fiery eyes. Only half of the Shakti is here, that is why the goddess has one breast and three hands, this is the only temple which has Goddess in this form. According to this temple Lord Shiva is also fused in Amman, so all the ceremonies and prayers done to Amman, reaches Lord Shiva.
Eka kalasam is usually found only in Shiva temples but in this Amman temple, Eka Kalasa is found, to emphasise that Shiva is merged in this Amman. Yet another enchanting feature of this temple is the Muneeswarar. Here Shiva Linga is found on the either sides of Amman sanctum.
In the outer pavilion Lord Krishna can be seen in the form of little child, head tonsured and tied to Punnai tree. Sri Srinivasa Perumal graces with his consorts Pooma devi and Shri devi. There are also separate shrines for Ayyanar adored majestically along with an elephant and inside the temple there is a shrine for Karuppana swamy, his hand are locked with handcuffs. Only during the festival time he is unlocked and is left to do things he wished. It is a belief that he will escort Amman during her process in the festival days, once the Amman reaches the shrine, Karuppana swamy is handcuffed.

Festivals at Ujjaini makali amman Temple:

Similar to other Amman temples all Tuesdays and Fridays are auspicious. Other than that, Navarathiri, Agni Nakchatra and Pungi uthram are grandly celebrated.

How to Reach Ujjaini makali Amman Temple?

This temple is located at two kilometers distance from Samayapurathu Mariamman temple.
Bus: Buses are available from Trichy to this temple, there are also autos and taxis from Samayapurathu Mariamman temple.
Train: The nearest railway station is at Trichy.