Samayapurathu Mariamman Temple - Trichy

Samayapurathu Mariamman Temple

Samayapurathu Mariamman Temple is one of the most famous Amman temples in India. This temple is very old and serene. People from all over the world visit this temple for the better life, prosperity and health. Especially people from Srilanka, Malaysia, India and Singapore visit this temple at large numbers. The temple is located in a perfect ambiance, with lovely coconut trees surrounding the temple.
The Amman in this temple resembles the great Goddess Chamundeshwari at Mysore. The Main tower (Raja Kopuram) is adorned with gold plates, in day time the tower shines brightly and stunningly. This temple holds the second place in earning high revenue for the Temple department in Tamilnadu. Gold Mangalsutras are found in large numbers in the Hundi, people having problems in marriage life or obstacles in marriage offer gold Mangalsutra to the goddess. Apart from that, silver idols of body parts are also offered by the devotees to get relief from their diseases and pain.

Location of Samayapurathu Mariamman Temple :

This temple is located at Samayapuram. Samayapuram is at the distance of 17 km from Trichy.

Distinctiveness :

Devotees offer many kinds of offerings to Lord Samayapurathu Amman. Devotees do tonsuring, ear boring, walking in fire pit, carry fire pot, Anointment, roll around the temple, fast, and carry Mulaipari, offer gold Mangalsutra, silver carvings of body parts and money in the hundi. On every Tuesdays and Fridays during ragu kalam, women light lamps in the lime cups. It is a belief that, tying red clothes or cradle in the neem tree inside the temple will bless the couples with child birth. People also offer sweet pudding (mavilaku) to the goddess for prosperity and fertility.


The origin of this temple is still now a mystery, the name Samayapurathu Amman refers that, The ‘Goddess of help at perfect timing’. People believe that this Amman will help them at the right moment and time.
The legend has it that, Renukadevi the wife of Sage Jamadagni, went to the river to fetch water. She was blessed with a power to create pots out of river sand. As she was fetching water, the Gandharva the most handsome god passed across the sky and Renuka devi got a glimpse of his beautiful face and fell for him for just a moment. This incident came to the knowledge of Sage Jamadangi, he was very furious and ordered his son Parasuraman to behead his mother Renuka devi’s head. Under duress, Parasuram behead his own mother, pleased by his act Sage Jamadangi offer Parasuraman a boon. Parasurama using his boon demanded for his mother back. And thus Renuka was brought back to life but her anger on Jamadagi formed as a great power inside her and transformed her into Goddess Mariamman. From that day onwards she was worshipped by all the women folks.
Yet another story is that, Renuka devi jumped into the funeral fire of her Husband, Lord Shiva rescued her by pouring down the rain. Though she was saved, she was left with few fire wounds. So she applied sandal paste, drank turmeric water, and dressed in neem leaves. Later these things became the icons of Mariamman. In Tamil Mari means rain, as Renuka devi was rescued by the rain she was named as Mari Amman, and the things she used to heal her wounds became the weapons. Mariamman is very powerful, vigorous and pious, she heals all heat diseases, small pox, measles, and chicken pox.
Mariamman, is the folk deity of Tamilnadu, and can be found everywhere. There are several incarnations of Mariamman, one such powerful incarnation is the Samayapurathu Mariamman.

Margali Month

Morning : 4.30 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Other Months :

Morning : 5.30 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Pooja Time:

Ushaad Kaalam - 06.00 A.M,
Kaala Santhi - 08:00 A.M,
Uchi Kaalam - 12:00 A.M,
Saaya Ratchai - 06.00 P.M,
Saaya Ratchai IInd - 08.00 P.M,
Jaamam - 09.00 P.M,
Thanga Thear - 07.00 P.M

How to Reach Samayapurathu Mariamman Temple?

Bus: Samayapurathu Mariamman Temple is located at Samayapuram near Trichy. There are lots of buses from Trichy Chatiram bus stand.
Train: There are train facilities too. The nearby railway station is at Trichy.

Address of Samayapurathu Mariamman Temple :

3/1, Maruthur Rd, Tiruchirappalli, Maruthur Rd, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu 621112
Phone : 0431 - 2670460, 2670907, 2670557
Architecture:South Indian, Kovil