Kadai Pillai Ayyanar

The very name of this Ayyanar attracts us, isn’t it? Yes like the name, is the god, very unique and powerful. This Lord is considered as the custodian deity of Melur inhabitants. Whatever function it may be, first and foremost a small tribute is offered to Kadai Pillai Ayyanar. This temple is small but lovely, sitting majestically on the banks of River Cauvery. People from nearby village visit this temple before commencing long journeys or any festivals.


The legend has it that, many hundred years ago a small bird called Kadai kuruvi, used to take bath in the river and sit on a particular mound every day without fail. People of this region were amused by its behavior, so, on a fine day they started digging the mound and were startled to find the statue of Ayyanar in yogic posture. After their encounter people named the Ayyanar as Kadaipillai Ayyanar, as it was found by Kadai bird. Later on they erected a small temple for this god and revere it as their guardian angel.

Yet another fascinating thing about this temple is that, once the king Karikala Cholan went in this area in search of perfect spot to build Kallanai dam. As he and his army men reached this temple, none of their elephants and horses moved. Suddenly one of the soldier got possessed by Ayyanar, and he said that, “I’m fond of your elephant and horses, if you give me few of these, I will help you in your search”, hearing this Karikalan readily accepted to satisfy Ayyanar’s wish and later on, all their elephants and horses started moving. As per he said, Karikalan built a huge effigy of elephants and horses before Kadai pillai Ayyanar, still now the statues are there.


The priests of this temple belong to one family ( Konar)and other than them no one does pujas to the God. They believe that Ayyanar himself chose this family to do his daily rituals. Kadai pillai Ayyanar Manavala Mamuni, Ekambara Nadhar, Kamakshi Amman, Katha Parimanachami, Chivandhiyandi Konar, Madhurai Veeran and Periyannachami. Just opposite to the shrine of Kadaipillai Ayyanar, there is a statue of Karuppana swami. This statue is known for its fierce look, the eyes of this god is embellished with a precious stone, which seems to look at you directly. There is small statue of Lord Ganesha near Kadai pillai Ayyanar.


This is the family deity for many people in Melur and nearby village people. The most famous festival celebrated here is Shiva rathiri. On this eve vegetarian food is offered to kadai pillai Ayyanar whilst goats, and hens are offer to Karuppana Swami. Every year a special festival takes place in this temple, people having Kadai pillai Ayynar as their guardian deity must attend this at any cost. At the end of the festival, the chamiadi (prophet) of this temple get possessed by the Ayyanar and tells the date of next year’s festival.


The power of Kadai pillai Ayyanaar is evident by the following incident. Once there was a heavy flood in Cauvery River, all the village were encircled by flood, but the people of Melur prayed to kadai pillai Ayyanar whole heartedly, and the miracle happened. Leaving out Melur village all other villages were affected by flood. Melur people conducted immediate feast to kadai pillai Ayyanar to pay tribute to his immense blessing.


Kadai pillai Ayyanar temple is located at Melur village, near Trichy. Busses are available from Trichy SriRangam bus stand.

Nearby railway station is at Trichy or Sri Rangam. From here you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach this temple. Nearby airport is at Trichy.