Theepachi Amman Temple - Tirunelveli

Theepachi Amman Temple - Tirunelveli

Theepachi Amman is not the incarnation of Lord Parvathi or Shakthi, she is just a truthful wife, known for her Chasity just like Kannagi. Though she is one simple human being attained enlightenment, She is worshipped as the Goddess and believed to have many powers. Women devotees visit this temple in a large number to seek the blessing of Amman and to get good life partner.


Near to Thirunelveli, in the village named Vannarpettai is where the temple is built.


The distinctiveness of this temple is the whole temple has effigies of humans who have attained enlightenment. There are no idols of Hindu gods such as Ganapathy, Muruga or Amman. Yet another surprising feature of this temple is that, the Theepachi amman graces along with her husband and there is a separate shrine for her friend Lakshmi along with her husband and children. Though the temple is small, it is quite famous among the locals. They revere Theepachi Amman as their guardian deity.


The legend has it that, years ago, there lived a women named Akkamal lived at Ettayapuram with her husband. The couples lived happily and affectionately. On an unfortunate day Akkamal husbad met with an accident and died. Akkamal relatives went to her house to take her with them, as being a women she can’t live alone. But Akkamal didn’t go with them, she said, her husband has parted only by body not by soul, he will be residing in her heart forever. She also decided to join her husband in his final journey, though all the people tried to stop her she fell in the pyre of her husband and proved her love for him. Seeing this, Akkamal’s best friend Lakshmi also fell in the pyre, unable to part her friend. This incident was admired by all the people and they all decided to build a temple for Akkamal, her husband and her friend. They started to worship them as their guardian angles and the one who bring harmony in their lives.


Women pray to Goddes Akkamal and Lakshmi to lead a happy life with their husbands and damsels pray for good husband. It is a belief that if they pray to the Amman on last Tuesday and last Friday of August all their misunderstandings between their husbands will be solved.


This temple is located in Vannarpettai near Tirunelveli.


Buses are available from Tirunelveli to Vannarpettai.


The nearest railway station is at Tirunelveli.

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