Pon Sorimuthu Ayyanar - Tirunelveli

Pon Sorimuthu Ayyanar is one of the most powerful and famous Ayyanar shrine in Tamilnadu. Ayyanars are the guardian deities, people of Tamilnadu believe that, these gods will protect them during night times and guard their houses from robbers. In certain region people won’t even lock their houses during nights, they sleep soundly leaving their properties in the hands of Ayyanar and they believe that Ayyanar will be going around the village in his white horse and will slay the vicious men. Each village in Tamilnadu has a guarding deity ( Ayyanar ), one such guarding deity of Ambasamuthiram is Sorimuthu Ayyanar. He dwells in a small temple near Ambasamuthiram, in the banks of Thamirabarani River and blesses the devotees.

Jasmine flower is blooming... My Lord is coming... White Dhoti lover... Legend in Anger... Warrior on foot... And a rescuer from hardship... Come soon and bless us Sorimuthu Ayyane...


The legend has it that, Muthupattar, belonging to Brahmin community visit Papanasam once and fell in love with two women belonging to backward community, but was unable to marry them because of caste indifference. So he converted into a low caste person and married them, but soon after their marriage, one of the cows in the village was lost and Muthupattar went in search of the cow sparing his own life. At last he died a historical death after saving the cow, his two wives also followed him and embraced death. The people were touched by his heroism and built a temple for Sorimuthu Ayyanar and his two wives.

This temple is revered as the first Ayyapan Stala, Lord Ayyappa as a young boy, came to this place and learnt martial arts. He worshiped Lord Sori Muthu Ayyanar, to give him success in all his endeavors. Later he went to Sabari hills. People of Papanasam offer Pongal to this Ayyanar before commencing any of functions. The devotees who are all taking a pilgrimage tour to Ayyapan temple (Sabari hill) wear the first Ruthraksha chain (malai) at this temple.


There are many unique features in this temple. One such unique feature is Pattavarayan shrine, devotees tie chappals at his shrine and submit their woes too. The next year they can find the chappals worn out, even though no one used it.

It is still a mystery at this place. There is a illupai tree (Mahua tree) near the temple and devotees have a practice of tying bells to it, if the bell got struck between the branches, then it is a sign that the devotee’s prayers will be taken over by Sori Muthu Ayyanar.

This temple is located in a perfect place, surrounded by lush greeneries and lovely ambiance. A small stream passes across the temple, and a bath in it will wash away all our body pains.

Other than Ayyanar there are effigies of Sangili Bhoodattar, Mottayar, Padala Kandigai, Kumbamani. Even there is an effigy of Lord Vinayaka.


During the month of October-November, devotees throng at this temple, this is the period when Ayyappan devotees start their pilgrimage to Ayyapan shrine, so it is a custom to visit this temple before starting their tour.



Nearest Bus Stand is Karayar. This will connect Tirunelveli. From Karayar the temple can be reached through walk or auto.

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