Veeranar Temple - Tanjore

Veeranar Temple

You are the one inside the fort...You are the one inside our souls...You’re the one who could save us from evil... You are the one powerful enough to eradicate sorrows...Veeranar we are your children.. save us lord...

This songs shows the love of the devotees towards Veeranar. Veeranar graces from the open shrine, majestically on a lion and holding a weapon. His eyes are adorned with glittering stones which adds more beauty to the God. He is always found with a silk turban and draped in clean new silk dhoti. The temple is located in a suburb area so it’s covered with thorn bushes and wild trees. But even then devotees visit this temple even in nights, chanting the name of Veeranar.

Other than Veeranar shrine there are separate shrines for Karrupasamy, Bairavar, and Pechi Amman.


Few compulsory rituals has to be carried out by the devotees yearly or twice a year. All the devotees must offer silk dhoti to god and they must sacrifice goat or cock. The animal or the bird to be sacrificed should be left in the campus of Veeranar temple as a young one and let it grow to be an adult, later it is chopped down. Devotees tie a colourful ribbon in one leg of the scape goat or cock to identify their own animal. The villager also don’t harm the animals with ribbon tied. If any one steal the scapegoat or cock, he will be punished by the Veeranar. As Veeranar is a guardian deity, he should be offered liquor, cigar and opium.


Once a carpenter stole the silver eyes of Veeranar and hid it in his house, the very next day he was found dead, still now the cause for his death is a mystery. After his death the eyes were restored to the Lord. This very incident created an unshakable faith in Veeranar and no one dared to take anything from the temple.


Every year during Maha Shiva Rathiri and during Second Friday of August people having Veeranar as the family deity should come and gather at this place. On these days the whole village is adorned with flowers, plantain trees, and garlands. It is filled with music and fun. Couples with new born babies, do the first tonsuring to their child here and some conduct ear boring function. First invitation for any function is offered to Veeranar, to seek his blessing throughout the function.


This temple is situated in a village near Thanjavur.


Buses are available from Thanjaur to Kallaparambur village. From the bus stand, temple is situated in just a few minutes’ walk.

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