Brihadeeswarar Temple

Thanjavur palace is one of the noteworthy palaces in Tamilnadu. It is known for its architecture, sculptures, building techniques and many. This majestic fort was first established during the rule of Vijayaraghava Nayakkar in 1633-73 AD. He was the last empire of Thanjai Nayak rein. And this fort is housed within in the complex of Big temple.

thanjavur palace

Attractive features:

The archaeology takes immense care in restoring main features of this fort including Arsenal Tower, Bell Tower, Darbar hall of the Marathas and Sadar Madi ( Sarjah Madi).

Arsenal tower is one of the adding jewels to Thanjavur palace, it is first established in the year 1855, and is mainly built for the purpose of watching the enemies and to store military weapons. To till date this tower consists of hoary ammunitions, weapons, swords and many.

Bell tower is situated in the Northwestern side of the Arsenal Tower. This tower is also known as “the wide holed ear pavilion” to the public. It is also believed that the Vijayaraghava Nayakkar offered worship in the direction of Srirangam from the top terrace of this tower.

Bell tower is situated to the northwest side of Arsenal tower. This tower serves a great purpose to the rulers, because from the terrace of this building the Srirangam temple tower can be easily seen. And so even during British rule, rulers of Thanjavur find it easy to worship the Lord from their place. This tower is believed to have many stories but some of those floors have been demolished by thunder strike.



Trichy is one of the major cities in India, so there are busses from all places to Trichy. Once arriving at Trichy main bus stand, one has to hire a taxi or take a local bus to reach Thanjavur place.


Trichy railway station is busy round the clock; there are trains from all cities in Tamilnadu to Trichy.


Both domestic and international planes arrive at Trichy international airport.