Ponnalagi Amman Temple - sivagangai

Ponnalagi Amman Temple

It is very rare to find Swayambu (not man made) Amman Idol. Ponnalagi Amman is one such naturally found. It is a custom that, Ammans are worshipped for curing diseases and marriage but Ponnalagi Amman is worshipped for better relationship between brothers and to spread peace in the family. This temple is located in Siruvayal at Sivagangai district.


The most distinct feature of this temple is that, the Amman is Swayambu (not man carved found naturally). The idol has eight hands with weapons and the Amman is in the shape of Lingam. The head of the Amman is slightly slanted and a cut due to axe can be found on the idol. Devotees visit this temple seeking harmony between brothers and sisters and family welfare. A unique practice of adopting takes place in here (thathu koduthal), the born baby is kept in the feet of Amman and later given to the parents, by doing so Amman takes the baby as her own child and protect it from any harm. Later this the baby is taken to the Sri Rama shrine, who is another example of great brotherhood. Vada (puffed cake) is given as the Prasad in this temple.


The legend has it that. Many centuries ago, people of Siruvayal spent their day in the farm lands doing agriculture. Once they were digging the ground for harvest and was shocked to find blood bleeding from the ground. Later they found that their axe had hit the statue of Amman under the ground. In order to seek penalty from the Goddess they built a temple for Amman and worshipped her as their guardian Angel.

Festivals of Ponnalagi Amman Temple

Like all other Amman temples Tuesdays and Fridays are auspicious, Punguni uthram, Navarathiri and Car festival are also celebrated in a grand manner.

How to Reach Ponnalagi Amman Temple?

Bus: This temple is located at Siruvayal, Sivagangai district. Buses are available from Madurai and Trichy to Sivagangai.
Train: Nearby railway station is at Madurai.