Koppudai Amman Temple - sivagangai

Koppudai Amman Temple

Koppudai amman is one of the famous temples in Karaikudi. The Amman in here graces attractively from her shrine and blesses the devotees in bounties. People of Karaikudi revere her as the healer and offer Her special poojas to get rid of their disease. The temple is quite large, with spacious pavilions, sublime shrine and tall flag post. During Thai poosam, and Punguni Uthiram, devotees throng at this temple in a large mass.

Location of Koppudai Amman Temple :

Near the Karaikudi old bus stand this temple is located.


There are only two temples in Tamilnadu, where the presiding deity and procession deity is the same. One is Chidambaram Nataraja Perumal temple and the other one is Koppudai Amman temple. The effigy of the goddess is made out of five metal alloy. This five metal alloy has many healing powers, hence the anointment milk that come from the Goddess is believed to have medicinal values and can eradicate any kind of diseases.
Acharya Sri Adi Sankara,one of the prominent sage of India, visited this temple and installed Sri Chakra. As Amman is seated in the Sri Chakra, She is more powerful. The Karuppanna Swamy is the guardian of this Amman and is found on a horse.
The car of this temple is built uniquely, the front part is carved with palm tree frames joined with the stems of a special plant called Thaiyilan Kodi.


he legend has it that many eons ago this place was filled with Karai trees, later people cut out all the trees and made this place as their habitat. Kudi in Tamil means residing, as the people destroyed all the Karai trees and reside in this place, the city came to be known as Karaikudi.
Koppudai Amman was the sister of Kattamman. Kattaman had seven children but Koppudai Amman was childless, so Koppudai Amman was very fond of her sister’s children and went to see them with sweets. But Kattaman, hide her children from Koppudai, considering her to be unfertile and ill luck. This act hurt Koppudai Amman, and in anger she cast a spell on her sisters, cursing them to become stone and became a goddess.

Festivals of Koppudai Amman Temple

10 day sevvai kattam festival is celebrated in a grand manner in the month of April. In the month of May, Poochorithal is celebrated, during this festival people gather at this temple to seek the blessings of Goddess. Navarathiri festival falls in the month of November- December. Apart from this all Tuesdays and Fridays are very auspicious.

How to Reach Koppudai Amman Temple?

Bus: Karaikudi is quite a famous town, busses are available from Madurai and Trichy.
Train: The nearest railway station is at Madurai/ Trichy.