Kappatham Patti Pachai Malayan

Pachai Malayan is the village guardian god of Kappatham patti. The specialty of this temple is there is no effigies of deities, only stones are revered as God and Goddess. Apart from Pachai Malayan there are seven maids, Veerakaaran, Naadar , Vedar , Chinnannan(holding a bow and arrow), periyannan holding a spear. Chinnannan and Periyannan are the only equestrian effigies found in the temple.


People of Kappatham Patti believe that many eons ago Kappatham patti village suffered from heavy drought and famine. In order to save the fellowmen, few men of Kappatham patti went in search for a better land to survive. They went to a region called Pachai Malai (Green hill), where they found a thatched shed and inside it were three big pots full of water. They were extremely thirsty and hurriedly drank all the water, the very next second they lost their eye sight. Bewildered they pleaded for forgiveness, hearing their cry one of the priest in the village assisted them and took them to their village deity. In front of the deity the villagers from Kappatham patti seek penalty for drinking water without asking anyone’s permission. Suddenly they got their eye sight back. Touched by the power of Pachai Malai deity, they asked the priest to give them their deity, the priest went inside the sanctum and gave them a stone and asked them to pray to this stone every day with complete devotion, if done so their village will flourish with prosperity.

According to the words of the priest, Kappathampatti people revere this god as Pachai Malayan (the one form Green hill) and gave him all the first respect. Soon Kappatham patti village flourished with fertile lands and immense wealth. From that day on the Pachai Malayan became their guardian deity.


Pachai Malayan is a vegetarian God and so only vegetables and fruits are offered to the God. But goats are sacrificed to Chinnannan and Periyannan. The specialty of this temple is the yearly festivals that falls in the month of May. During this festival, unlike other Ayyanar shrines, the three pots are made. The potter who is in charge of making these pots should undergo severe penance and should be a very religious person. It is a ritual that, every rice used to prepare Pongal (sweet pudding) should come from the temple, so, all the women of the village tie some rice in a cloth and write their names on it and tie them inside the temple. On the eve of festival, women prepare sweet pudding in thousand pots and serve it to the whole village. In the evening the prophet (Samiyadi) from Pachai Malai, will be invited and he will be fully possessed by Pachai Malayan during his state of trance he will predict the future of the devotees. Later three pots that were kept before the God is filled with water and thus the festival comes to an end.

How to reach

Kappathampatti temple is in a small village near Jalagandapuram of the Salem district.

Buses are available from Salem main bus stand to this village. But it is better to hire a taxi or van from Salem to reach this temple.

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