Sri Thanthi Mariamman Temple – Coonoor

Sri Thanthi Mariamman Temple

Thanthi Mariamman temple is located in Coonoor, it is a beautiful temple surrounded by enchanting sceneries. This Amman temple is famous among the locals. On every Tuesdays and Fridays, special Poojas are conducted to the Amman. Many devotees from the local and nearby village visit this temple often.

Location of Sri Thanthi Mariamman Temple:

Thanthi Mariamman temple is located in Coonoor.


The idol of the Amman is Swayambu (not man-made). Still, now a swing used by the Amman in hanging in the neem tree. There is a flag post and also a post stand. Camphor is shown to this post stand also. Though the temple is small, it’s a quite lovely one, surrounded by lush greeneries. Women wishing child boon and get married soon visit this temple every Tuesdays and Fridays and light lemon lamp to the goddess.


During the era of Independence, Britishers found this place and thought of converting it into the postal landmark. They cleaned the thrones and dense forest and made this place as their mediating spot. They built an Amman temple here and installed a postal stand in front of it. They also appointed three watchmen to look after the stable nearby. One night, while the watchmen were guarding the stable, one of them heard a child’s voice, he hurriedly went to see the source of the noise and was bewildered to see a girl child playing in a swing inside the temple. The girl was shining in her gold jewels and has a charismatic look. Next day he said the magical thing that happened last night to the local people. In disbelief they all hid around the temple and waited to see whether the watchman said was true. To their surprise they also found the magical girl, all were transfixed by her looks and grace. Later Amman appeared in one of the devotee’s dream and told him that She is in here as Swayambu (natural). The next morning they dug the ground and was happy to find Amman, they placed her in the sanctorum and from that day on they started praying to Her with all heart.

Festivals of Sri Thanthi Mariamman Temple:

All major festivals are celebrated in this temple, especially, Navarathiri (sept-oct), Deepavali (Nov), and New year are commemorated in a grand manner.

How to reach Sri Thanthi Mariamman Temple ?

Buses are available from Coimbatore, Ooty.
The nearby railway station is at Coimbatore.


Sri Thandi Mariamman temple, Coonoor, the Nilgiris district , Phone +91 - 423 223 8686