Navaladi Karuppasamy

This temple is located in a small village named Mohanur near Namakkal district. This temple is small but considered to be very powerful. The presiding deity is Sri Navaladi Karuppasamy, he is not is the form of human being, but graces simply as a stone (peeta)

Apart from Karuppasamy there is the effigy of Goddess Chellandi Amman, She graces from the sanctum with a trident, and vermillion cup. Women wishing for child birth and early marriage do vermillion pujas to her.

Besides the Karuppasamy shrine is the three Vels (sacred staff), where people who have committed wrong deeds knowingly punch a lime fruit on the tip of the Vel and ask for forgiveness. People in that village believe that if they repeat the same mistake again, they will be punished by Lord Muruga.


Devotees write their problems in a sheet of paper and tie it in the Black berry tree. By doing so they believe that, Ayyanar will come and read their problems in night and offer them what they wish.


Like, all other Karuppasamy temples, people offer cock and goat to the God. Devotees also cook Pongal in the temple every year as a tribute to Lord Karuppasamy for giving them all good health and wealth.


The legend has it that, many years ago a group of travelers traveled through this region. As it became dark they decided to take rest under the black berry tree, one of the travelers placed a stone besides them and slept. In the next morning they woke up and lifted the stone but couldn’t even move it. Suddenly Lord Ayyanar entered into one of the traveler’s souls and talked through him, stating that “he want to reside under this tree” and help the people. Thus this temple was built around the black berry tree and the deity was named as Naval Karuppasamy.


This temple is always busy with one or other rituals taking place every day. All days are like festivals in this temple, people who have been cheated by their relatives or friends visit this temple often.


This temple is located in Mohanur village near Namakkal. Busses are available from Namakkal to this village.