Kamatchi Maha Mari Amman - Nagapattinam

Kamatchi Maha Mari Amman - Nagapattinam

Kamatchi Maha Mari Amman temple is located in Seerkali. The main tower (raja Kopuram) of the temple faces the East, a tall trident (shoolam), Neem tree and the tall flag post are present in the temple. Apart from Kamatchi Maha Mari Amman, there are the shrines of Lord Vinayaka, Uthirapathiar, Kathavarayan accompanied by Bommi, Aryamala, Chinnan, Muneeswarar, Karuppannasami, Pechi Amman and lot other shrines.

Location of Kamatchi Maha Mari Amman :

Kamatchi Maha Mariamman temple is located at Seerkali.

Distinctiveness :

This temple is famous for riding an evil eye, black magic, and witchcraft. Poojas to eradicate all the harmful powers are done here. Childless couples also visit this temple seeking fertility. It is a belief that if the couples eat the Padayal rice, in their dress will get child boon. Seven damsels ( Sapta Kannigal) are also present in the temple. Poojas are performed to them during the month of November to December.


The legend has it that once a giant named Kartha Veerajuna, had 1000 hands and is more powerful than the Sun God. Using his power he got hold of all the devas and Rishis. He tortured them and punished them for nothing. His atrocities went beyond the limits and he went to the extent of capturing the sacred cow Kamadenu. Kamadenu is the beloved cow of Sage Jadamuni. Kartha Veerajuna beheaded the sage and his sons and capture the sacred cow.
Parahasuran one of the sons of Jadamuni was not present during the atrocities of Kartha, upon his arrival to the mutt, he was stunned to see all his brothers and father dead. His rage reached the breaking point and he vowed to take revenge upon the Kartha Veerajuna for consecutive 27 generations, by beheading all his family members with his axe.
Renuka Devi the wife of Jadamuni, unable to bear the loss of her family, jumped into the pyre of her husband. Lord Shiva saved her from the fire by pouring down the rain and told her that, she is a part of His Devi Parvathi and she has many powers. From that day on Renuka Devi was named as Mari Amman (Mari- rain) and became the folk deity of Tamilnadu. There are lots of Mariamman temples in Tamilnadu, one such temple is in Seerkali.

Festivals of Kamatchi Maha Mari Amman

One of the prominent features of this temple is that whatever offerings are done the quantity must be 108. The months of July, August, February, and March are very auspicious ones. In one of this month, 108 ovens are used to cook Pongal and is offered to the devotees. On every third Friday of the month, 108 abishekams are performed to the idol and 108 milk pots are carried by the devotees. 108 padayal 108 fruits and everything offered to the goddess are in 108 numbers. 10th of June devotees perform fire pot carrying, fire pit crossing and piercing Trishool in their mouth.

How to Reach Kamatchi Maha Mari Amman?

Bus: There are buses from Nagapattinam to Seergali. From here you can take an auto or taxi to reach this temple.


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