Ripon Building - Monuments - Tamilnadu

Known fondly to the people of India as ‘Lord Ripon the Good’, Lord Ripon was a viceroy of British India who won the hearts of Indians. Situated in the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, the splendid white building took 4 years to complete and was named after Lord Ripon in his honor.



The present seat of the Madras Municipal Corporation, the Ripon building is a monument that is famed for its architectural design which is of neo-classical style. Ever since 1913, the Madras Municipal Corporation has been occupying the building. The huge lawn at the front of the building houses a statue of Lord Ripon. The architecture is a blend of Ionic, Corinthian and Gothic style. This monument is a three storey building and consists of a chiming clock which for years has been a particular favorite of tourists.

How To Reach :

By Air - The Chennai airport is at a distance of 22 kilometers from the monument and is the nearest one for accessing.

By Rail - The Chennai central railway station is situated at a distance of less than a kilometer and can be easily traversed by walk from the monument.

By road - Chennai is easily accessible by road as both the state and national highways run through this city.