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Connecting Rameshwaram and the ancient land of Lanka is the Rama Setu Bridge. Legend has it that the army of Lord Sri Ram built the bridge to cross over the sea and rescue Mother Sita from the evil clutches of the demon king Ravan. The name of this monument is derived from Lord Ram and is named as Rama Setu. This is a monument that is held in very high esteem by the Indian government which has made it into a World Heritage Site.


Specialty :

This stretch of bridge goes on to 48 kilometers connecting Rameshwaram and Talaimannar Island of Sri Lanka. As a religious significance, the Rama Setu is an important holy site for Hindus since it is believed to be blessed by both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. This place is known as Palak Strait by westerners and ‘Setu-Samudram’ which means the Sea of Bridge by the natives.

Recent geological survey shows that the Rama Setu is indeed a geological monument which should be preserved. Based on the legend, people believed that the rocks on which the bridge was made floats because the name Ram was written on them.

The monument is over 1.7 million years old and is believed to be made up of a stretch of limestone shoals. The bridge was walkable until the year 1480 AD after which natural causes immersed it partially under water. Every year thousands flock to see this mysterious wonder which still sparks debate between people visiting the monument.

How To Reach:

Air The closest airport is the Madurai airport which is at a distance of 177 kilometers from the monument.

By Rail The Rameshwaram railway station with a distance of 2o kilometers is the nearest railway station.

By Road The state government has provided many bus services to reach the monument. From Dhanushkodi you will have to take a ferry to reach the monument.